If you are looking for life insurance you have to be ready to take a medical exam. One of them may be life insurance nicotine test. Nicotine test is very popular amongst many life insurance companies, as it is the only way for the insurer to find out for sure if you are a smoker or not.

Many future policyholders find this test not as important and serious as they should. In order to get affordable life insurance, you will have to give up on your bad habits, especially smoking.

There are many things that can make your policy expensive. Your health and age may be the most important factors. However, your bad habits may play the bigger role in underwriting. Therefore, even if you happen to be a healthy smoker, positive nicotine test result will affect the price of your policy, and here is why.

Why is Life Insurance Nicotine Test So Important?

life insurance nicotine testSmoking is considered to be very bad for your health and it harms almost every organ in your body, depending how many cigarettes you smoke during the day. It can cause many diseases in a long run, such as lung cancer, heart diseases, and bronchitis. It affects your general health and therefore it shortens your life span.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that nicotine test is very important in order to qualify for affordable and traditional life insurance policy. This test will show if you are a smoker or not, which will help insurer to decide upon the price of your life insurance premium.

Not every insurer underwrites the same. Therefore, you can find slightly different prices when it comes to life insurance. However, when it comes to smoking, many life insurance companies agree on one thing – smoking is bad for you. Being a smoker will mark you as a high risk, no matter which insurer you choose.

Life insurance is a great way to protect you loved ones and make sure you don’t live your things unfinished.  Therefore, if you need this kind of protection you have to know that it is very hard to find the life insurance for smokers. It is very difficult to find a cheap one as well. After being marked as a smoker it could be a long road to remove the tag. The best way in this situation would be to pass the test.

Do All Life Insurance Companies Ask for Nicotine Test?

The answer is yes, almost every life insurance company asks for this test in order to check if you are using tobacco products or not. There are many hospital and clinics where you can get this kind of medical exam. It measures the level of the nicotine in your system and some of them can even detect minute quantities for up to the time when you used tobacco products for the last time. However, some tests are more common than others.

How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Your System?

Nicotine is not usually detectable right after consumption of tobacco product. However, it may depend on the medical exam you are taking. If we are talking about a blood test, it will show the presence of nicotine after 1-3 days. However, these things may differ, so you can’t really rely on that.

The same goes for the presence of nicotine in your system. When you smoke occasionally it is possible that nicotine will be out of your system fast enough. However, if you happen to be a heavy smoker, it might take several years until nicotine is out of your system completely, especially out of your lungs.

Luckily, if you are only looking to pass the medical exam for life insurance, there are good news.

How Long for Nicotine to Leave the System for Life Insurance?

Nicotine presence in your body might depend on your smoking habits, your age, your general health and most importantly, on the test itself.

If you use tobacco products and you want to get affordable life insurance, you may have to give up on your bad habit at least a month before taking the exam. Even though nicotine will not be out of your system completely (especially not from your lungs), at this point is not going to show up on any nicotine test out there.

When it comes to the life insurance application form, it is always advisable, to be honest, or you are gambling with your life insurance policy. Therefore, the only safe way and the only sure way to pass the nicotine test is to stop smoking for good.

Types of Life Insurance Tobacco Test

There are few types of life insurance tobacco test but not all of them are used that often, which is a great news for people who are hoping to pass. Some of the tests are more accurate such as hair nicotine test. However, it is rarely performed. Mainly because it is expensive.

Others are more common, such as saliva test but it is more sensitive which usually brings a lot of false positives. Therefore, in many cases, the urine test is only performed to check the positive saliva test.

The most common test when it comes to life insurance is urine test and it is very reliable. This will probably be the one that you will have to pass in order to get affordable life insurance.

It is also possible to level nicotine in a blood test for life insurance but it is unusual and expensive.

Can I Pass Life Insurance Nicotine Test If I’m a Smoker?

If you are a smoker and you want to pass the test you will have to be ready to quit smoking for some time. It depends on which type of test is used but ideally, you should not smoke at least one month before the test. Nicotine stays in the hair for the longest period of time but hair test is expensive and that’s why it is rarely performed. Saliva and urine test will not be able to detect nicotine level in your system after a couple of weeks, but why would you risk it? The truth is that nicotine will probably be out of your system faster if you drink more water and take vitamins.

If you are a smoker, and you want to pass nicotine test in order to get more affordable life insurance policy, you should be very careful, especially on your life insurance application form. If you are caught in a lie, a smoking tag will be very hard to get rid of. Or even worse thing is to get caught later on, which could cause your protection to be declined without any money back.

Eating Habit that Helps Flush Out Nicotine from Your Body

fresh foods to remove nicotine from bodyOur lifestyle has a major effect on our health. And if we have some really bad habits like smoking, trying to eat as healthier as possible will help us preserve our body from many bad side effects that tobacco products bring.

When it comes to passing nicotine test, if you are a smoker you should pay extra attention to what you eat, as good diet can help you flush out nicotine from your body faster. Nicotine dehydrates our body, and that is why drinking enough water during the day will keep us fresh and will help with metabolizing nicotine to leave the body faster. This is especially important if you are taking a urine test.

If you are taking a blood test, 20-30 days is how long the nicotine can continue to circulate in the bloodstream. In this situation, vitamin c is your best friend, if you want to be sure you will pass the test in no time. Increased consumption of fruit and vegetable will get you to the result you want. Make sure you eat more celery, zucchinis, egg, plants, beans, cucumbers, oranges, kiwi, broccoli and spinach. Carrot juice is full of vitamins that help eliminate nicotine from the body. It is also good for your skin, especially if you are a passionate smoker with damaged skin caused by years of smoking.

How to Pass a Nicotine Test for Life Insurance?

As mentioned before, the only sure thing that will get you through tobacco test when it comes to life insurance is to stop smoking for good. However, if you are looking to pass the test in near future, you should quit smoking at least one month before taking any medical exam. 30 days is enough time for nicotine to go unnoticeable when it comes to any tobacco test, even the blood test.

A healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and extra activity during the day will help you with flushing out any trace of nicotine, visible to tobacco test. The more you look after ourselves the better the chances are that you will pass the medical exam when it comes to life insurance.

All in all, if you want to be sure that you will pass the nicotine test the best way is to quit smoking for good, or at least one month before the test.