Life Insurance for Sick People

Most people will tell you that while you are still young and healthy, you should buy a life insurance policy. But if you happen to have a pre-existing medical condition, it does not mean that you can no longer get life insurance. There are many companies that offer life insurance for sick people at cheaper prices, you just have to reach them.

Type of Your Disease Matters a Lot

Keep in mind that there are different factors that come into play when it comes to insurance coverage and the amount that you will have to pay. People vary in medical conditions and circumstances.

Some may have medical conditions that are temporary while others may have severe illnesses. The thing here is that even if let’s say a person has cancer, there are still options.


When getting life insurance, you need to understand that companies differ in how they look at pre-existing conditions.

It does not necessarily mean that if an insurance company doesn’t offer an insurance package to you, all of the other companies will do exactly the same.

Life Insurance Options Available for Sick People

There are a few options available for you. However, you can find affordable policies among them according to your needs.

Life Insurance with Temporary Illness

A lot of people may ask, is it possible to get either standard or preferred life insurance if a person has a temporary pre-existing condition? The good news is that yes you can definitely get it but the thing is you will have to wait.

Before insurers can give you better rates, they will have to wait and they will make sure that your medical condition is finally treated. If you want to have preferred rates, then you need to wait much longer.

One of the things that the insurance company would look for is the kind of illness that can shorten the lifespan of a person. This is basically one of the reasons why they look at the family history and the overall health condition.

Companies look for certain types of illnesses when they issue life insurance for people with existing medical conditions.

Some of these illnesses include the following: diabetes, obesity, smoking, chronic illness, prescription drugs, and generally poor health. The insurance company will also consider the life span.

For instance, if you have healthy habits that can result in critical illness, then it follows that you are at a higher risk of having diseases or illnesses.

A person who smokes can expect a much more expensive rate compared to people who do not smoke.

Getting an Insurance if You Have a Chronic Illness

Every person differs when it comes to their overall health condition. Even companies vary when it comes to how they treat certain diseases and terminal illnesses.

This explains why it is very important that you have a reliable insurance professional who can help you all throughout the process.

They know which companies can provide your insurance needs and they can help you increase your chances of finding an insurance policy that works best for you at a reasonable price.

No Exam Life Insurance for Sick People

sick people can get life insuranceSome life insurance companies may decline people with pre-existing medical conditions. The good news is that there are still other options.

Insurers vary and even in the underwriting process, they treat every illness differently.

If in case you are still denied, you don’t have to worry since you get a guaranteed issue life insurance.

The only downside of this type of insurance policy is that it is much more expensive compared to other types of life insurance.

Why is it expensive?

With guaranteed issue life insurance, you don’t have to undergo any medical exam. The insurance provider would ask questions about your health condition.

In most cases, it can be a good option especially since it can cover expenses for burial and funeral.

In fact, most people who are suffering from critical illnesses opt to go for this type of insurance policy.

Last Resort

This is considered to be the last resort if you are seriously ill and you want to get life insurance.

For people with serious medical conditions or those who have a mental disorder, this might be the only option available. What makes this different from other types of insurance policies is that it can be available to any person from 50 to 85 years of age.

The coverage ranges from $5,000 to $25,000. Unlike traditional life insurance policies that take weeks before you can get approval, guaranteed issue life insurance only takes a few days.

The guidelines for the underwriting process are different compared to term life insurance policies.

The Bottom Line

Every person varies when it comes to their insurance needs and health conditions.

For you to get an affordable rate that can give good insurance coverage, you need to know which insurance companies give good rates for a certain type of illness.

This enables you to find the insurance provider that matches your insurance needs and budget.

Second, you have to ask the right questions to your insurer. Ask about the waiting period and coverage ends.

You also need to ask if there is an increase in policy cost or if the death benefits are reduced.

Linda Chavez

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