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People who are suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma will find their chance of obtaining a life insurance depends on the type and progress of the disease. It could, therefore, be a case to case basis. It may be impossible for some instances and possible in others.

To begin with, lymphoma is among the most common cancers that are being diagnosed in patients worldwide. Though it can inflict people from all age range, medical records show that people aged 15 years to 35 years have a higher chance of contracting the medical condition.

Lymphomas are cancers targeting the lymphatic system, which involves white blood cells, the infection-fighting mechanism of the human body.

During the onset of this condition, white blood cells divide abnormally and do not naturally die when they must. Instead, they inappropriately accumulate in the body’s lymph nodes, leading to the diagnosis of the condition.

Increased Hope for Patients

Fortunately, chances of survival for patients who have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma are now increasing, thanks to the advent of modern medical technology. In fact, this condition is currently considered among the most curable types of cancer.

This also follows that the chance of having a life insurance approved for such patients is also rising. However, most insurers are still very wary due to risks involved.

Available life insurance products for people with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma logically depend on the stage of cancer and its type, the medications involved and duration and all other treatments received during the entire course of the bout against the medical condition.

Difficult Possibility

Life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphomaThus, approvals usually are difficult to attain, though not impossible. In case lymphoma has already started infiltrating the lymphatic system, an approval for life insurance may not be approved.

However, it is still advisable to discuss other possible options that can be taken with a life insurance agent.

A patient, policy applicant is also advised to be fully transparent and honest when answering application questionnaires and disclosing medical condition updates with the agent to prevent possible issues in the future.

The chance of having a life insurance approved and provided will be much higher if the medical condition undergoes a remission.

Usually, the remission process is monitored for about two to three years. It would be best if the lymphoma has not reappeared for several more years.

If ever a patient is approved for a life insurance policy, it would also be expected that the total premiums to be shouldered will be higher. There could be added costs to premiums that will be required for a specific period.

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

For cases categorized as non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, insurers would assess the application based on diagnosis (whether low grade, high grade, or intermediate). Life insurance would usually be ruled out for patients with low-grade non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

For those with high grade or intermediate non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a policy may not be made available until about three to five years of remission has passed.

Again, there would be additional charges to be implemented on the policy premiums within a specified period, which may vary if the diagnosis is high grade or intermediate.