MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Review

MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance was begun with the elderly in mind. In particular, it was launched to rein in an uninsured lot of advanced age. The central focus of this plan was to help the elderly handle end of life expenses.

One does not need to undertake a medical exam to get the coverage. The company flaunts this feature quite a lot in its advertisements.

Indeed, the process of finding appropriate life insurance coverage is involving. You must only settle on a policy that suits your unique circumstances and needs.

This article explores the pros and cons of taking a MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance.

Read and compare it with other players in the industry, and make an informed decision. But firstly, let’s discuss a few fallacies surrounding the policy.

Word on the Streets

There are many fallacies surrounding life insurance policy. Many uninformed people consider it expensive. Some do not even think it is important.

Another group speculates that it’s a waste of money because one can never recover their premiums.

However, like other insurance decisions, the life insurance policy takes care of the unknown.

Of course, available data reveals the necessity of taking life insurance. The possibility of finding yourself in financial situations you may not cope with is real.

Let’s see how MassMutual life policy works and whether all these myths will be dispelled. We believe that sharing knowledge about such matters will empower you.

MassMutual Background

The company was first launched as a stock firm in Massachusetts. It changed form and business to a mutual company later, in 1867.

At first, the firm sold insurance coverage to railways workers in the New England area. This was during the Goldrush stint.

Later, disability benefits were included in the company’s product line. The latter benefits included waivers to those who held the insurance policy but had a disability.

Other products were added as time went by. The company has evolved over time, with group benefits ventures among a host of others.

MassMutual implemented many changes in the 1980s, including its investment policies. The firm adopted its current name in 1999.

It has its headquarters in Springfield in Massachusetts. The company’s products include the current Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance, annuities, among others.

Some Takeaways from MassMutual

From our observation and comparison with other carriers, MassMutual’s Guaranteed Acceptance coverage offers higher rates.

However, we also observe that the company has a superior score of “A++” A.M rating.

The implication here is that you can access a better, cost-effective guaranteed acceptance policy from some other companies such as AIG.

The Ratings

MassMutual RatingsThe industry developed metrics for determining the financial strength of its players. It christened the benchmark A.M Best.

The rest of the indicators are determined by several factors, including what we know about MassMutual. Of course, the determination is made relative to other companies.

The COMDEX is a composite metric that incorporates A.M Best and other leading agencies.

As mentioned earlier, MassMutual gets an A.M Best superior rating of A++. In terms of affordability, the company scores 6.1.

Others include:

  • COMDEX: 97
  • Application Easiness: 9.2
  • Customer Support: 9.9

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Redefined

Guaranteed Acceptance life insurance targets all individuals captured within a predefined age bracket.  Generally, the guaranteed acceptance life insurance rakes in all persons between the age of 50 and 80.

This policy differs from others because you will not be asked to take any medical tests. Therefore, as long as you fall within the predefined age bracket, you qualify. You will not be asked for any medical report.


Some setbacks may suffice. The premiums charged in a guaranteed acceptance policy are relatively higher than your ordinary insurance coverage. The figures charged currently are in the range of $50, 000 annually.

Moreover, you will have to learn some patience. The guaranteed acceptance life insurance requires that you wait for two years before it is paid out. If you pass away in the first two years of taking the insurance, you are paid your premiums to the point of death and an additional 10%.

As mentioned earlier, the premiums for guaranteed acceptance plans are relatively higher, for obvious reasons. However, it is the best choice for entities that do not qualify for other insurance policies.

Some policies would provide similar coverage, but they come with a raft of requirements. They may not be easy to fulfill for the elderly groups.

Features of MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

  • You must be between 50 and 75
  • You must be a resident of the US
  • Coverage costs range from $2000 to $25,000

NB: Remember the adage that the large print giveth while the fine print taketh away?

If you thought that it is just a figure of speech, think again. When you are buying this policy from MassMutual, and indeed many other insurance carriers, check the fine print.

The provision regarding the two years waiting period is characteristically tucked away in the fine print copies of the policy contracts. You will hardly ever hear it mentioned verbatim, whether on TV ads, interviews, or wherever else.


Here are some of the comparative rates provided by MassMutual and other carriers. For a person aged 66 years, looking for a $10,000 insurance coverage, they get:

  • $75.69 monthly: AIG
  • $96.50 monthly: MassMutual
  • Gerber: $70.77 monthly

Note: These are estimated rates. It can change anytime. To know the exact price, you must request a quote.

Take Informed Decision

It is evident that MassMutual could offload you an extra 25% compared to other carriers. Their cost and value of the policy could be inhibiting. The premiums and rates charged by MassMutual are relatively higher than other players in the industry.

You have the liberty to decide. There are several other insurance carriers out there. However, this is an objective review based on raw facts.

Before you make that critical decision, you need to review the whole scenario. Guaranteed Acceptance is just one of the many products and services you get from an insurance carrier such as MassMutual.

There are many other considerations that may strike you. So, never make a rush.

Advantages of MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance Policy

  • MassMutual saves you the hustle of trying to get a medical report. You do not need a medical exam. Your age is your qualification.
  • It is flexible coverage. MassMutual offers you a chance to choose the insurance policy you want, depending on your finances. In particular, you can choose insurance policies ranging from $2,000 up to $25, 000. Apart from the wide range, which incorporates unique preferences and situations, it is also flexible. In other words, your monthly premiums aren’t cast on a rock. The payments can be spread out as you prefer so as to avoid pushing you to the wall.
  • The MassMutual insurance policy is unique because it allows payment to beneficiaries. Similar products from some other companies do not usually allow payment to a third party.
  • The company also happens to give subscribers a window to negotiate some rates depending on the circumstances. The company does not treat everyone within a certain age bracket in the same way. You get customizable service MassMutual.
  • The insurer is ranked among the Fortune 500 companies. In fact, it is among the top 100 companies on the list.
  • It has delivered $5 billion in payments to claims from its customers
  • The rates provided are locked. Thus, the firm does not keep changing the rates as time goes.
  • The amounts to be paid are also guaranteed. The company promises never to decrease for whatever reason. It never cancels a policy based on deteriorating health condition or advancement in age.
  • Its large base provides confidence in its sustainability.

Few Disadvantages

  • Of course, the two years waiting period is a turn off for many prospective clients. MassMutual typically requires clients to wait for two years before they can make a claim.
  • The monthly rates are relatively higher. Thus, the company turns out to be an expensive one from a host of other options. Their rates range between 22% and 30% above what other companies in the sector charge.
  • It has few Features that break tradition. The guaranteed life acceptance policy tends to only focus on the last expenses than true insurance coverage policies that also regard investment as part of the arrangement. They lack the panning element that most other insurance policies come with.

Things You Must Consider

Check if you qualify to purchase any other life insurance policy. Guaranteed life insurance is a policy of last resort. If you qualify for other life insurance coverage plans, you better go for those.

Consider the cost aspects of the scheme before you engage.

Suppose you cannot qualify for other life insurance plans, sample all the top life policies, and choose. Your choice should be guided by age, financial situation, and the goals of taking the insurance policy.

If you want a life policy to take care of funeral expenses, check with the competition. However, if you are convinced that MassMutual products are the best, then call them.

Remember that MassMutual does not provide immediate coverage because it lacks underwriting.

There is a host of many other companies you may want to check with before choosing a life insurer. They include AIG, Voya, Fast Life, Principal, North American Life, MetLife, Banner, Minnesota Life, and Gerber.

Nevertheless, remember that MassMutual enjoys over $560 billion in coverage today. They have employed close to 10,000 employees to help customers in their pursuit of a life insurance policy.

The company also happens to have several affiliates spread over a wide geographical area. Some of the affiliates include First Mercantile Trust Company. M.Life Insurance, Haven Life, MML Investors Services LLC, among others.

Keep In Mind

The facts are written on the wall. Guaranteed Acceptance Life insurance is a useful financial plan for the elderly. It is evident that you are paid the premiums that you invest whenever the need arises.

The policy is a helpful and necessary coverage for vulnerable groups such as the elderly. It does not impose impossible conditions for subscribers to meet. You could want to think of life policy as a commodity. Shop for the best product, based on your individual needs. The guidelines provided here are meant to empower your decision making.

The guaranteed life insurance policy is a critical decision that must be informed by facts across the market. Now that you have widened your perspective, we hope that you will not be sucked into the rumor mill. You are the jury. The fallacies will also continue to whirl around.


There is no objection that, indeed, MassMutual is one of the largest insurance firms around. However, taking a MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance life policy is not fundamentally different from taking it with other carriers.

There are firms out there, offering similar products at a much cheaper rate. The holistic picture painted by the industry rating benchmarks speaks clearly. You have the facts at your disposal. MassMutual, like other players, is bound by the law and industry regulations.

The policy and company you choose should be guided by your specific circumstances and needs. Nevertheless, some constant factors and conditions run across the divide. You must be between the ages of 50 and 75 to qualify for the Guaranteed Acceptance Life policy from MassMutual.

There is no medical report or exam needed for you to qualify for the policy. Available data shows that the MassGuaranteed Acceptance Life policy is relatively more expensive than your regular insurance.

Prepare to wait for a period of two years before your premiums can be paid out. The latter is a little worrisome but it is an automatic process. You must read the contract carefully, because they may falter on contracts they already signed.

The MassMutual Guaranteed Life Insurance policy has its advantages such as overlooking the medical exam. However, Life insurance policies elsewhere, with medical exam requirements provide the best options, including immediate coverage.

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