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According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), up to 70% of individuals aged 20 years and above across the U.S. could be considered obese or overweight.

Though this data should be taken seriously, people who fall into the overweight category could be relieved to know that it is still possible for them to get a life insurance policy. Take it as a bit of consolation but the ongoing epidemic of obesity across the U.S. has made it much easier to find and obtain life insurance for overweight people.


Although many overweight people live well into their own age, available statistics show that they have a higher chance of incurring early death. This could be attributed to the many possible health risks and complications that may result from the uncontrolled excess weight.

As mentioned, because of the huge percentage of the population having excess weight than normal, most insurance companies know that if they get instantly decline policy applications of overweight individuals, they may end up selling less, which may ultimately affect their business.

Strict Approvals for Insurance

Life Insurance for Overweight PeopleHowever, there is no reason yet to celebrate because most insurers are stricter when monitoring an overweight policy applicant’s health condition.

Getting an ideal coverage would be certainly difficult for overweight people who already have health issues as a result of their weight condition. Such issues may include hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, kidney or renal disease, and heart problems.

Although qualifying for a traditional life insurance coverage may not be totally ruled out, it is just logical that aiming for one would be very difficult, if not almost impossible.

But if you are overweight having several medical risks related to your condition, it would be much easier to consider these two other life insurance types available in the market.

Available Life Insurance Options

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

One of the few options left is the guaranteed issue life insurance. Upon application for this policy, filling out of health questionnaires and undergoing a medical examination is waived. That means the chance of having the policy application approved is almost certain, details available here.

However, the basic downside is the coverage limit, which could fall between $10,000 and $25,000. If the death of the insured comes within the first two years following activation of the policy, beneficiaries would receive the total of the premiums paid. After two years, the death benefit payout could be provided in full.

Graded Benefit Life Insurance

Another good option to consider would be the graded death benefit life insurance. This policy could also be obtained without accomplishing any health questionnaire or undergoing any medical exam. However, as the name indicates, the benefit would be provided gradually.

For instance, if something happens to the policyholder within a year after insurance activation, the payout could be equivalent to just 30% of the death benefit amount. It could be higher at 50% within the second year and so on. The coverage is often capped at $25,000.

Last Words

Overall, premium costs for such life insurance policies could be significantly more expensive compared to regular premiums imposed on healthy individuals.

But it is never too late to adopt a healthier lifestyle so you could make your weight fall within ‘normal.’ Though it may take time to create an impact on your life insurance policy and insurability as a whole, you could be sure to enjoy better rates in the future.