What Does Life Insurance Blood Test Look For?

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What are the risks of insuring a specific person? The only way an insurance company can know that is through medical exams and a blood test is one of them.

Nowadays, people are more interested to buy life insurance, as a result, the demand for life insurance keeps on growing every day. The main reason is the benefits that come with life insurance upon death.

This means that a life insurance company has to be very careful in terms of what people they cover. You make a mistake as a company when insuring people and you end up making some very massive losses.

Hence, an insurer may ask you to do a blood test. Now, we will discuss what does life insurance blood test look for?

What is a Blood Test in Life Insurance?

blood test looking for problemsAre you looking for life insurance? Want to know details about the blood test?

Here you go

A blood test is one of the medical exam tests an insurance company conducts intending to understand their client’s medical condition.

Being able to do such medical tests is an excellent way to help a company determine the death risks for their customers and how they can implicate their returns.

What Happens in a Blood Test?

An insurance company will send a nurse from a paramedical company to come and take blood samples from you. The next thing is that the nurse is required to perform tests on the blood and send the test results to the company.

The company will use such tests to know many things about you and make decisions in terms of how to cover you.

There are several things that an insurance company would like to know from your blood test.

Is What You Said True in Your Application?

Here is the deal.

What kind of information did you give during your application? Were you honest when providing information in your application?

Any insurance company will be very keen on their potential customers. Understanding your information is vital as the company wants to know about your health condition and history.

By doing the blood test, a company can know whether the information you gave out was accurate or not.

Giving the wrong information about your health can easily make an insurance company refuse to provide you with any coverage.

Are There Any Prescriptions Worth Knowing?

Do you have any pre-existing condition that is a huge risk to the company? Are you hiding information from the company about your control of the infection?

In many cases, an insurance company will require you to disclose all the information about your condition.

For some health conditions, a company may be willing to work with you irrespective of the diseases. However, you are required to provide proof that you can control the situation.

You will not be required to hide anything, including any prescriptions you may be having. For the company to be sure enough about the condition and what is going on, you have to disclose everything.

Heart and Arteries

Any heart-related condition is a big issue for an insurance company. Insuring someone with any heart-related terms means that they are taking a big risk. As a result, they want to know your condition before giving you the cover.

When doing the blood test, the goal is to find out whether any cardiovascular system-related complications are not indicated in your application, you did not talk about, or you do not know of.

In this case, there are several things to be tested.

Your cholesterol levels will be examined. In case you have a bad type of cholesterol in your body, it means that you are at the risk of having artery complications. People with too much cholesterol have very high chances of having a heart attack and in some cases, stroke.

Your insurance company has to be sure of such things and know where they stand.

Health Factors

Other than what you know and what you have disclosed to the insurance company, there may be many more health factors that you may have that are a risk to the insurer. The company would like to have data on what is happening to your health now and what might happen in the future.

As a result, the blood test is meant to cover specific conditions that a standard test will not be able to give.

During a life insurance medical exam, you will be interviewed and expected to answer several questions at the same time. The company will perform physical tests and other tests such as urine tests. All this is not enough to show certain serious internal health factors.

A blood test will be able to show factors to conditions such as:

  • STDs
  • HIV and AIDs
  • Hemoglobin levels
  • Glucose levels
  • Your protein and any risks


Do you use drugs? Have you disclosed to the company or not?

That is what the insurance company would like to know by doing a blood test.

There are many illegal drugs that people would want to hide in their medical exam interview. The use of drugs such as opiates and amphetamines are some of the things that a company would like to know about when taking a blood test.

If you take tobacco, it will increase your cost as you have to pass the nicotine test as well.

This means that in case you have been using certain illegal drugs, then you have to disclose to enable the company to makes a decision.

The Bottom Line

Blood tests are not wrong. Many people are afraid of blood tests for life insurance with the mindset it can lead to rejection. The only time you should be worried is in case you have been hiding something from the company.

In many cases, the company will deny you a cover. However, in other cases, a life insurance company may find things or results you did not know about.

In such a case, many companies are willing to discuss different ways of handling your case with the new findings. Make sure that you know what to do and not to do towards a life insurance blood test.

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