What is the Least Expensive Type of Life Insurance for Seniors?

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Life insurance is a necessity in the early stages of life. However, the importance of life insurance has been very well understood in the late years of life too. Hence, seniors look for the least expensive type of life insurance.

Therefore many insurance companies have facilitated the life insurance plans for the seniors as well. These policies come in several formats that are quite simple to understand and very relatable too.

The only problem with most of these plans is that –the life insurance policies for the seniors are quite expensive.

Why is the Life Insurance Policy Expensive for Seniors?

The life insurance market is completely based on the risk annuity and judgment. This is the reason that the companies these days have made some stringent rules and policies for people who want to buy life insurance.

The ailments, age, demographic factors, family history, medical history etc everything makes difference to the calculation of one’s insurance claims.

When it comes to seniors most of these factors seem vulnerable. As per the human mortality rate, they are at the final stage of their life.

The age causes health to start degrading and brings in many forms of ailments in the human body. These factors are detrimental in increasing the risks of the life insurance companies.

As the risk of insurance companies increases, the price of the insurance policy increases too.

These are some of the reasons that make the life insurance policies for seniors much costlier than normal insurance policies.

What are the Types of Life Insurance Policies Available for Seniors?

There are various forms of life insurance policies available for the seniors.

  • Term life insurance policy: In term life insurance policy the life of the policy bearer is insured for a given period of time. As soon as the term gets completed the nominee or the policyholder gets the money back as per the terms quoted at the beginning of the policy.
  • Whole period life insurance policy: In this policy, the life of the policyholder is insured until death. After their death, the benefits of the policy are derived by the nominee.
  • Burial life insurance policy: Such life insurance policies are meant for people who want to ensure that their loved ones get enough money for performing their last rites and rituals. Sometimes this money is sufficed to pay the bills pending of the policyholder such as medical bills, pending loan etc.
  • No waiting period, no medical exam life insurance policy: This is one of the life insurance policy options available for all age groups. Mostly seniors avail such insurance plans as it is difficult to get a normal life insurance plan when one becomes aged.

The above-mentioned life insurance policies are not only expensive but also include a large number of covers that are often not useful for everyone. Therefore we meet various senior citizens who are on a lookout for some viable insurance plans.

What is the Least Expensive Type of Life Insurance for Seniors?

The least expensive type of life insurance plans is nothing but the modified plans in which the seniors can decide their terms. These are the customizable plans.

In such insurance plans, the policy buyer can sort out the points that he or she wants to get covered in the insurance policy. It’s a beneficial plan for both the parties- insurance company as well as the applicant.

In this way the insurance company itself doesn’t have to risk so much of their capital in providing wholesome coverage as well as the applicant doesn’t have to pay for the coverage that is not desired by him or her.

The level of your benefits reduces and becomes specified. You need to be very careful at the time of deciding on the points that need to be covered. The company will tell you the price separately for each type of coverage and you will be able to calculate the estimated premium that will be needed to pay towards the policy.

Lesser the points covered, lesser is the cost of the policy. At the same time, the benefits derived also get reduced as the size of the premiums reduces.

This type of plan mostly comes in the category of term life insurance policy. As we know that term life insurance is meant for a given period of time and it gets over while the policy bearer is still expected to be alive, the plan becomes reasonable in price. It reduces the risk of the company about the payment of the premiums.

However one should know that rates of returns are also lower for term life insurance plans.

How to Find the Least Expensive Type of Insurance Plans for Seniors?

The best way to seek out for the most viable life insurance policy is by online search and application. You can look for the insurance companies that provide insurance plans for the seniors.

There will be sufficient information available online about the plans and points that may be considered for coverage in the policy. You may even get across various forums that will help you in getting detailed information.

Next thing that can be done is to contact the company representative in the locality. If you ask a local insurance agent too, it will be helpful. It is better to do the online research on your part first. You will be fully informed at the time you talk to the agent. With his assistance, you can finalize the most suitable plan with least hassle.

The insurance companies have their own customer care services too that can be used if in case you do not find an authorized insurance dealer in your locality.

The best thing about the online search is that you can always find the most suitable plans as per your need for your own comfort.


The life insurance policy for seniors is expensive due to the increased risk factors that are associated with the health and life term of seniors. The least expensive life insurance for seniors enables the applicant to choose the points they want to get covered for!

Thus they will not have to pay for the coverage that is not required by them in a given policy. This will reduce the benefits derived as well as the cost of premiums for the policyholder.

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