About Us

Seniors Life Insurance Finder (SLIF) is an independent agent and is specialized in senior life and burial insurance. We work only with top-rated insurance companies and we assure you the best deal.

Why us?

  • We don’t just sell policies but we also educate our clients.
  • As an independent, we are not bound to sell a policy from a specific insurer.
  • We work with different insurers and bring the best deal for you.
  • You can compare rates using our tool for FREE.
  • We are friendly, and dedicated to help you.

Senior Citizens Are Our Primary Clients

There are so many agencies who are working with life insurance plans. But, here we work only with the senior citizens and we know which plan is the best for you. We are expert at it and you will never be disappointed.

Our Priority is You

We believe in customer satisfaction. If you are not happy, we are not as well.

As we are not bound to sell a policy from a specific insurer, we are free to find the ideal plan for you from a suitable provider.

Burial & Life Insurance (Only for Seniors)

Here, you will be able to find a suitable plan for you. The insurance market for seniors is really a tough one.

In the last decade, insurance selling tactics were completely different. An agent was used to send to home and they make deals.

But, with us, you will get the freedom to pick one from various insurers.

First, you check the available options for you and then you talk to us to find learn more about the plan and then decide if you want to buy it or not.

Buy from Comfort of Your Home

We deal over the website, email, and phone. So, you can have the comfort of your home and have the policy.


Linda Chavez is the founder and owner of the organization. She worked for many local insurance agencies.

After graduation, she started to work as an insurance specialist in a burial insurance company.

From there, she learned how to look for the ideal policy for senior citizens.

After working there for over 10 years, she founded Seniors Life Insurance Finder in 2014.

From that time, we are a team of seven members working hard and soul to assist our clients.

We are Here to Help You

The market of senior life insurance is a battlefield. Seniors find it really hard to find policies at affordable price.

We all know it is very common for seniors to have bad health and the rejection rate by the insurers is quite high. It makes them frustrated.

We know the pain and help give you relief from it.

You can use our FREE tool to compare the plans available for you.

If you still have a query, contact us.

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