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Life insurance is not something that can be ignored or you can just take it for granted. When you reach out for insurance, you need to consider a whole list of factors for the right choice. It is not for you but might serve your family after your demise.

Moreover, we spend our lives at risk of accidents. Some facts and figures suggest that more than half of the deaths are caused by road accidents.

This can be an alone reason for you to think of Mutual Omaha Guaranteed Advantage.

Why Financial Security is Important?

financial security is importantYou think of several things each day just to ensure the safety of your family. One of them is financial security and if you are always on the road traveling, you might not take it for granted.

Also, according to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), every 15 minutes observe one road accident. If we guess the ratio of accidents, that maybe 1 for the road accident out of all 13.

These facts and analyses clearly state that accidents happen every day, so you need to protect your family.

So, when you understand that this kind of emergency and any unforeseen circumstances, then you have to worry about the financial state of your family.

Insurance has many different types and you have already listed some of them. However, the most guaranteed coverage from all of them is a guaranteed advantage.

This is the insurance that never turns down their clients and always covers them. Moreover, the process of application is also easy and there are no health questions, no medical exam and everything goes smoothly.

What Guaranteed Advantage of Accidental Death Insurance is?

When you plan to do many other things for protecting your family then thinking of this one insurance would not be a loss. It will only protect your family after you.

So, the guaranteed advantage of accidental death insurance is now the top-rated insurance.

It is offering an easy process of application with less and stress-free conditions. Easy premiums are offered and no conditions are applied like other types of insurance.

The main benefit of this type of life insurance is that you may get additional coverage for any to disable a child or a spouse. Knowing that your family is dependent on you for the bread and butter, your worries are quite genuine.

Now, if you still have any of doubts, we have some more information that might help in understanding it with more clarity. So, you can easily get to decide the insurance you want for your family’s protection.

So, let’s learn more about the features of Guaranteed Advantage death insurance…

Features of Mutual of Omaha Guaranteed Advantage


If you are not sure about the type of insurance you need to buy, just consider the routine and if you are mostly on the road. Then, this plan is offering as many features for you and catering to all your needs.

The following are some of the main features that might help you move further to the decision.


The age for this insurance is 18-70.


It offers up to $1000,000 which includes an increment of $1,000. If you avail spouse coverage that will be given on 100% of the proposed insured coverage. And if you request child coverage, you can get 20% of the proposed insured coverage.

Moreover, the insurance is provided within 24-hour of the accident. It also provides common carries benefit ensuring two times the accidental death benefit.

It also offers Auto-Pedestrian Benefit in which pays up to $300,000 in case of a road accident.

Family Coverage

The age for the spouse needs to be 18-70 and he/she will remain in the policy until the age of 80.

Additionally, if you have children that are unmarried and under the age of 19-23. It depends if the child is a full-time student and the coverage ends at the age of 21 or 25.

Optional Rider

It is offering a return of premium benefit. It means that if you terminate the policy for any reason, you will be paid the percentage of premium deductions and claims paid. The age of the issue is 18-50 for it.

In case you are applying for family coverage, both insureds need to be at the age of 50 or under it. The ROP varies as per the year of insurance passes. For example, if it ends in the 3 starting of 3 years, you will not get any of the ROP.


Note: This is approximate data. It can change at any time.

We understand your concerns about the condition, inclusions, and exclusions of the policy.

So, to burst the bubble of confusion you have in mind, we are providing you with the information that will help you understand the payment and other things about the policy without causing any further confusion.

Moreover, the complete charts explaining the premiums and their working are available and you can ask for them from the agents. Or research for it by yourself.

Payment & Policy Guides

It is all good and has no restrictions, but you still need to have a few conditions applied to it along with other important factors. So, it is better to be prepared than to have confusion in mind.

The purpose of all of the following information is to offer you clarity for your thoughts and clear all the doubts you might have regarding the policy and its conditions.

  • You cannot have more than one mutual guaranteed advantage policy.
  • However, you can have it through Mutual Omaha or any other company.
  • You cannot add the spouse later as they will need to purchase their policy.
  • The case is different when it comes to the children. They can be added to the policy after the issue and eligibility requirements are to provide the full name of dependents, date of birth, and relationship to the policy owner.

Things to Remember

things to rememberFollowing are the things you need to remember:

  • You must have a current health appointment with the Mutual of Omaha.
  • You must offer the application for the state of residence.
  • Withdrawal of the initial premium will be carried out at the time of application submission.
  • Make sure that the provided email and phone number are correct because you will send the underwriting email.
  • The submission of an application to the home office must be processed within 30 days of the sign.
  • Non-residents who have been resided in the US for more than one year can apply for the policy or in case they have a green card.
  • The applicant cannot have more than one policy. So, always check the background.

While you know the inclusions and conditions of the policy, you may need some highlights of exclusions as well. The policy doesn’t provide coverage to the individual if they are accused of suicide within two years regardless of their mental state.

Instead, you might get the sum of premiums. Also, if the evidence had proof that insurance was supposedly purchased with intend of suicide, there won’t be any coverage.

You are now aware of the possibilities where you can get the complete coverage and benefits of the policy. However, there are conditions of death scenarios that are not included in this policy.

  • The death that has occurred during the process of applying the policy and it wasn’t approved at the time.
  • If death is the result of bodily infirmity directly or indirectly.
  • While serving in the military forces.
  • Death by suicide.
  • While committing the felony.
  • Influence of a controlled substance.
  • Death due to the participation in speed racing either organized or not.

Now, these are theoretical details, and premiums are defined keeping all these factors in mind. If you are about to purchase this policy, you can get more details and even charts of the premiums from the relevant company.

Budget Relevant Benefits

Now, when you are purchasing the policy from Mutual of Omaha, you might need to learn how it is serving the best interest. When we specifically talk about the advantage guaranteed policy, it has many benefits of its own.

Another benefit is having peace of mind while you are out on the road. You know if anything unfortunate happens to you, your family will have financial security for their survival.

The main benefit is that they never turn down their clients and fulfill all the possible and mentioned benefits. Moreover, it offers the best budget plan for you.

Yes, if you know how to plan the policy, your monthly premium can be only $15 for the first month. In case you are around the age of 35, then the premium can be around $1000.

So, in both cases, you know that your family will be secured financially in case of your accidental death. Also, the benefit will be paid to the beneficiary directly.

So, no point will leave you in stress while you are choosing this policy for your family protection.

Why Choosing Mutual of Omaha?

Now, when we understand the policy, the question is why mutual Omaha is the best choice for it?

Yes, they are because of the benefits they offer to make their clients get the best they need.

Pros are Here

Even if you talk about other policies from Mutual of Omaha, you will get to know the best from the customers. They have a high reputation in the market and people prefer them from all other types of insurance policies too.

If you want then, following are a few of the advantages of buying any policy with them:

  • It offers face value that you may not find anywhere else.
  • They have a huge variety of policies covering up a maximum number of clients according to their needs and requirements.
  • Moreover, the policies are tailored and people have complete freedom to plan it according to their demands.

So, from the age of 18 to 70 or even in a few cases more, you can get the policy of your choice. We plan a lot in life but often forget about the security of the family.

So, this time, you must think about them and consider the company for processing the insurance policy for your family.

Tips: Mutual of Omaha also offers final expense insurance, read this review.

Bottom Line

Life is obvious and death is inevitable. Regardless of planning and precautions and working tirelessly without fearing death – it is still following us everywhere we go.

So, saying that accidents are the expected situations while we are on the road won’t be a wrong claim.

All you need is to see yourself as the best for your family. It works especially in the cases when you are the sole earner of bread and butter for the family. So, keep the security of your family and your road traveling in mind.

Face the reality by purchasing the advantage guaranteed policy from mutual Omaha or any company that suits you. As there is not much difference in the quotes and conditions.

All you need is the right person to explain to you the depth of this policy. So, get on board, learn about it as much as you can to finally take some precautionary measurements before the decision.

What are you waiting for now? You know most of the information and it is time for some action.

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