Life Insurance for Seniors in a Wheelchair

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When you are a senior, and you have certain complications, whatever runs in your mind is to make sure that your family does not suffer once you are gone. Life insurance is the best solution to that. It will leave them with something to help them move on and take care of all the bills.

But, since insurance is a serious process, the greatest worry can be, if you can get life insurance when you are in a wheelchair and which type is the best.

Can a Senior in a Wheelchair get Life Insurance?


Of course, you can get life insurance for seniors in a wheelchair.

That is not something to worry about. Life insurance companies have diversified their services as much as possible. They are no longer restricting people simply because they have a few complications.

Being in a wheelchair does not mean that you are going to die tomorrow. As a result, there is no point in any insurance company panicking and viewing you as a huge risk.

However, you will not be treated like any other average person.

There are several factors that an insurance company will consider before providing you a cover. Such factors will determine what type of cover you can get and to what level your premiums will be set.

The main reason is that you are a senior, and there is a reason why you in a wheelchair.

Factors Considered by Life Insurance Companies

Before any life insurance company can offer you a cover as a senior in a wheelchair, they will have to consider several factors to enable them to understand the risks they have and which is the best way to handle your case.

They include the following.

Your Age

Age is a vital factor for any company to consider before providing covers. Since you are a senior, your age can easily be a contributing factor to the deadly risks. And if the death risks are high, then the company has to work out their maths to make sure they do not make losses in case you die soon.

However, since different seniors are of different ages, that means different conditions.

What this means is that, when you are older, for example, you are in your 90’s irrespective of other factors, you can expect the insurance company to require more from you.

Wheelchair Condition

You have a reason why you are using a wheelchair. People use a wheelchair for a purpose, and in most cases, it is a health condition. Any company will be concerned about that.

The insurer will demand to know the health condition that might have forced you into using the wheelchair. By doing this, they can understand and estimate the rate of risks for insuring you.

When you have a severe condition that has made you use the wheelchair, then you can expect more demanding conditions from the company.

Your Lifestyle

Did you know that insurance companies are so much concerned with your lifestyle before insuring you?

Here is why.

When you have a good lifestyle where you are taking care of yourself, exercising, eating well, and controlling any health condition you have, then there are high chances that you will live for long. It means that the death risks, which are disadvantages to the insurance company, are reduced.

However, if you are a senior in a wheelchair with a poor lifestyle, you do not have any income, you do not eat well, and do not take your medication, it is a different case. You will be considered a person of higher risks to the insurance company.

Other health Conditions are a Big Deal

For a senior in a wheelchair, any other health conditions will be making the situation worse. It means that they will increase the chances of death. An insurance company would like to know of such factors.

When you are a senior in a wheelchair, and if you have cancer, HIV, or any other sensitive conditions such as diabetes, then expect to be treated differently. It will be a different case for a senior in a wheelchair, with just legs problems, or spine problems, and no other life-threatening condition.

Will You Go Through a Medical Exam?

The answer is yes.

Any life insurance company will offer you a medical exam before offering you a cover. It is done for the company to confirm the information you provide on your application form. It is also a method through which a life insurance company can know of other underlying health conditions that might be a problem.


You can get an option where there is no medical exam required. It is a type of insurance policy that is mostly referred to as guaranteed-risk life insurance. In this case, you will be insured and guaranteed death benefits.

You will be required to pay higher premiums as compared to other options. This is because the insurance company is taking higher risks in insuring you, yet they do not know about your medical condition, which can be a huge cause of loss to them.

Secrets to a Better Deal for Senior in a Wheelchair

Generally, it does not matter whether you are a senior or not; you are in a wheelchair or not, sick or healthy. No one wants to pay very high premiums for a life insurance policy. Everyone wants to get the best deal.

This means that you have to convince your insurer that you are worth their time, and there are very few things they have to worry about. The following secrets will help you get an excellent deal with your insurer with low premiums.

  • Get a Better Lifestyle: At a senior age, and you are using a wheelchair, one thing that will convince a life insurer that you are not a risk is how you live. If you are an active person taking care of yourself, then it will be convincing enough. Try and do some exercises to make your condition better. In case you have some medications to ensure you are taking them. This will help you get better results during the medical exam.
  • Drugs are a Mess: Here is the truth; the use of illegal drugs will affect you so much. When you are using illegal drugs, you are a risky client to any insurer. So, only use prescribed medicines.

Does Being in a Wheelchair Increase my Premiums?

To some extent, yes!

However, it is a matter of what type of condition has brought you in the wheelchair. The company would like to study your medical condition to determine if it is a high risk or not.

Different wheelchair conditions have various risks and will be handled differently. The bottom line is that you will pay higher premiums than someone who is not in a wheelchair.


If you are a senior and in a wheelchair, the chances are that you have a family that you would like to have an easy time. The chances are that they are already spending on you, and you would like to ease their burden. Take a life insurance policy, and it will help a lot.

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