When to Cash in Whole Life Insurance Policy

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Whole life insurance is expensive than the term life insurance, but it comes with so many benefits that make it worthy. One of them is the ability to have a cash value that you can withdraw at one point.

One thing that people like is being able to cash out from whole life insurance. As you continue paying your premiums, your cash value grows, and you are allowed to access the money through several means.

But, when is the right time to cash in the whole life insurance policy? When is the most appropriate time to get all that cash?

Find Out When to Cash in the Policy

Here is what you need to know about timing to make sure you do not face serious consequences.

A Better Insurance Provider

In many cases, when you are getting life insurance, you know very little about the policies. You come across a life insurance agent who sweet talks you into giving in to the deal. All the options you are seeing appear to the best you can ever think of.

However, after paying your premiums for ten years, here comes another life insurance agent. The deal you are getting is way much better than the current one. You feel that you need to do something.

By taking this new insurance provider, you will reduce the burden from premiums and make your life better. What do you do? Cash in your whole life insurance policy.

Some deals are too good to pass. If you realize that the new provider is offering you a deal that will dilute the consequences of cashing in then go for it.

Bad Debts

If you have ever been in severe debts then you know they can reach a bad point. Debts can quickly push you to the limits. If you are serving a whole life insurance policy, then do not suffer anymore.

The best step to take in such a case is to borrow a loan from your life insurance policy. It is an easy and better option than borrowing from any other source. The main reason is that life insurance loans are the cheapest in terms of loans.

Since you are borrowing from your cash value, it is easy to get approved for the loan, and you will have lower interest rates to deal with.

Huge Financial Commitments

Why do you take whole life insurance? Even after knowing that it is more expensive than a term life insurance? And you will be paying very high premiums?

The main reason is that it is some investment. Many people want to take the policy because that cash value can come in handy at one point in life.

Since you have been accumulating a lot of money on your cash value for years, then make good use of it before you die.

If you have been making huge plans and have serious financial commitments, then the best thing is to cash in on whole life insurance.

Do you want to buy a new home? You are interested in starting a good business; need to take care of your child’s education? Then this is. Several options can sort you out in this nature, such as settlements or surrenders in whole life insurance.

No Longer in Need of Coverage

People take a whole life policy for a specific reason. In many cases, you will take the policy with the goal of benefiting your beneficiaries. That can be your wife or children. You want them to have a better life when you are gone.

What happens if they are no longer there? Who will take the benefits? Do you need the cover anymore?

In such cases where you realize that you no longer need the policy, you can decide to cash in. You will be getting the burden of paying premiums off your shoulder, and you get the cash value at once.

You can cash in at such a time through surrendering or selling the policy.

Would Like to Invest Elsewhere

Sometimes you may come across an excellent investment opportunity that is not passing, an opportunity that can leave your family with enough money to take care of them. If you have been paying your premiums for decades, you can do the math and see whether it is worth cashing in.

You Have a Bad Credit Status

When you end up having a bad credit status, things start going wrong whenever you are in need of a loan. Other lending financial institutions will always look at your credit score before they can offer you a loan.

However, with life insurance loans, there are no credit checks. So, whenever your credit is bad, and you are in need of a loan, then it is the best time to cash in through a loan.

Reduce Your Premiums

Sometimes things may not as planned. Other times you may find the premiums becoming so much of burden to you. You never know what the future holds for you. You may lose your job, or your business may collapse.

Such a time can be the best time to cash in the policy. What this means is that you can get the cash value and use it to pay some of the debts or other needs.

What Happens When a Whole Life Insurance Policy Matures?

It is crucial to understand that you are in a position to cash in your policy when it is still active.

However, a whole life insurance policy is supposed to mature when you die. It does not matter when you die.

This means that upon your death, the insurance company is obligated to pay the death benefits to your beneficiary as per the agreement. In case you had not used your cash value, it means that the company will pay the same to your beneficiary.

Ways of Cashing in

Several methods are offered by an insurance company to enable their customers to cash in their policy any time they want. It is crucial to note that a life insurance policy cash value grows with time, as you continue, paying the premiums.

This means that in case you want the cash, you have to be patient until the cash value grows to some point if you want to get some good money.

The following methods can be used to cash in a whole life insurance policy:

  • Surrendering
  • Selling the policy
  • Withdrawal
  • Taking a loan


Making use of your cash value is the right way of enjoying your whole life insurance cover when you are still alive. The reality is that the death benefits will be paid to your beneficiaries once you are dead. That means you will not be in a position to enjoy anything.

As a result, whenever you find a chance to use the cash value while you are still alive, go ahead, do it. The circumstances discussed above are not fixed. You can opt to cash in your life insurance policy at any other time. Always make sure that you consider everything with your life insurance agent before making a move.

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