Angel Care Senior Life Insurance Review [The Truth]

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Angel Care Senior Life Insurance is a renowned insurance provider relied upon by thousands of people. While this insurance service is fairly reputable, it is best to do your research.

In this piece, we will help you evaluate the services and help you decide whether angel care senior life insurance is worth it.

Angel Care Insurance Services


Angel Care Insurance Services is an insurance agency that mainly provides final expense insurance coverage. The agency’s office is located in Pompano Beach, Florida.

The preliminary research of the company shows that they don’t have a significant web presence. Their website is a one-pager and provides limited information about their products.

In addition, the information on their website fails to share details about prices and coverage options. It is also worth noting that the details of the plan and how they work are not mentioned on their website.

Customers want to learn about things like coverage options, company reputation, availability, and claims but there is minimal information on Angel Care’s website.

While you will not find much information regarding this insurance provider’s services, careful assessment of their policy will help you understand that you can get plenty of benefits.

One of the main reasons why thousands of people prefer Angel Care senior life insurance is because their insurance policies make sure most of the financial burdens of the policyholders are taken care of.

What’s more, their life insurance is also quite helpful for the policyholder’s family, making sure they don’t have to worry about vital expenses once the policyholder passes away.

Angel care also offers cash benefits that offer dependant members sufficient time to settle down and search for other viable options for managing expenses.

Marketing Methods


Most of the marketing of Angel Care Senior Insurance is done through advertising on TV and radio. The agency prefers these mediums as their customers are mainly seniors above 85 years and they use these mediums frequently.

In most cases, seniors are not tech-savvy and generally don’t opt for mobile advertisements or websites. The agency saves a huge amount on advertising budget and invests the same in its various offerings.

The offerings of Angel Care are far more distinguished and promising in comparison to the competitor products available in the market.

As mentioned abundantly, Angel Care’s website does not paint a picture of how good its insurance services actually are. However, visiting their facility and analyzing the views of their customers shows that customers are highly satisfied with their services.

Background Check of Angel Care Senior Insurance

background check of Angel Care

The name of the company has been selected based on its generic attributes and consideration for the needs of the elderly.

The primary agency behind ‘Angel Care Senior Insurance’ is the ‘Northstar Insurance Advisors.’ For those who don’t know, Northstar is a reputable agency located in Wentzville Missouri.

The agency employs licensed agents who help customers understand the entire procedure without hassle.

In most cases, the queries that come from prospects after viewing the advertisements are addressed by trained professional agents located throughout the nation. These agents mostly have reviews, once again proving that Angel Care’s senior insurance is fairly reliable.

What Does Angel Care Senior Life Insurance Offer?

what Angel Care offers

Angel Care Senior Life Insurance offers a variety of insurance plans, including whole life insurance services. The agency also specializes in providing final expenses insurance that allows people to tackle financial obligations after their demise.

This protects their loved ones and family members from financial burdens after their demise.

Here is what policyholders can avail themselves from Angel Care’s insurance plans:

  • Fixed premiums
  • Steady benefits
  • Coverage amounts limited to obligations

The reduced burden of examinations makes more applicants eligible. This is an attribute that makes Angel care Senior Life Insurance stand out from plenty of other insurance-providing agencies.

What’s more, the premiums remain fixed, which ensures the elderly policyholders don’t have to bear burdens. In most cases, the elder people are not salaried individuals, so fluctuating premiums can be a massive burden on them.

The benefits don’t decrease with the coverage and this covers various unforeseen situations like immediate death.

Needless to say, Angel Care Senior life insurance creates its plans to meet the specific needs of the policyholders when they pass away.

Such plans help the individuals pay off:

  • Final debts
  • Medical bills
  • Credit cards
  • Funeral expenses

Detailed, well-thought-out plans like these help policyholders with things like inheritance, making sure there is a sufficient amount of money for the deceased’s family.

The recipients of the money could be anyone from the family, including the spouse, children, and grandchildren. However, the relatives need to be specified by the policyholders and the inheritance procedures can be facilitated by the agency.

The senior life insurance plan by Angel Care has been specifically designed to suit seniors’ specific needs. It’s also worth noting that seniors with less coverage can manage most of their requirements by availing of this plan.

Here is a list of questions customers should consider asking when it comes to choosing policy options and coverage:

  • Are all the details and information clearly mentioned by the company?
  • Are the coverage options specified on the company’s profile?

It goes without saying that the agency must specify more details and facts about its products and offerings to improve its online credibility.

What Are The Offerings Of Angel Care Senior Life Insurance?

The major difference between an insurance agent and a representative of Angel Care is that an insurance agent sells through coverage. The primary objective of an insurance agent is to cover your end-of-life costs completely.

On the other hand, the products designed by Angel Care Senior Life Insurance offer these same services, but with more credibility and reliability.

One of the most impressive things about Angel Care is that the agency’s procedures are not as strict compared to others.

The most impressive details that customers must know about Angel Care’s offerings are:

  • Fixed premiums for life
  • The coverage that is offered never decreases
  • There is no expiry date to the policies
  • Examinations are not required

The most attractive part of the plan is that it is a life insurance product. The company pays a tax-free cash payment to the beneficiaries after the demise of the policyholders.

This means that your family will get the money that’s needed to cover your final expenses. The leftover money simply remains with your family.

Anybody on their deathbed worries most about their family and loved ones. They wonder what will happen to them when they pass away, especially as far as financial matters are concerned.

As you would expect, immediately handling the expenses of the dependant members can be a challenge when a loved one passes away.

Fortunately, these aspects are addressed on Angel Care’s senior life insurance policy. this is because the unused money goes to the family, assisting them with their various needs.

Are They A Legitimate Company?


Advertising on TV and Radio can be expensive for companies. Any agency that is placing their advertisement on TV or Radio may be legitimate in most cases.

What’s more, the companies approaching the TV media need to satisfy their teams about their reputation, which is why they perform background checks for the legitimacy of the company.

Once again, the cost of placing an ad is high and most low reputation companies don’t have massive advertising budgets.

More often than not, scammers call or Robo-dial, which is an anonymous process. These processes don’t easily disclose the identity and at the same time, are cost-effective.

So it would be fair to say that Angel Care is reputable and trustworthy. The beneficiaries of the policyholders are satisfied with the insurance plans offered by the agency.

Should You Buy Coverage From Angel Care Senior Life Insurance?

In most cases, the feedback provided by policyholders reflects positive views about the company. This proves that Angel Care is a trustworthy entity.

They sell insurance but with high consideration for the customers. What’s more, their services and offerings are quite detailed, offering great value for customers.

What makes the plans provided by Angel Care stand out is that they are quite thorough and cover essential aspects for policyholders.

As mentioned earlier, there is very little information about Angel Care’s plans on the web. So if you are someone who extracts all the information from the web, then you might not get the right answer.

It would be best if you called them and booked an appointment with their agents. Their agents are professionals and will answer your queries in great detail.

While Angel Care has an excellent track record, the insurance provider does have a few faults here and there. Some of them are as follows:

  • Their website is a one-pager, with very limited information
  • There are multiple insurance companies named Angel Care
  • They don’t have an online quoting platform
  • Queries are only addressed through appointments with agents and professionals

If you are planning to do business with Angel Care, it would be best to be certain about the services you require to steer clear of confusion.

Besides their plans, we also suggest you read our review of Open Care Final Expense Insurance.

Selecting the Best

selecting the best

The information available on the web cannot always be true. The most important thing a customer needs is service delivery.

Most reviews of Angel Care Senior Insurance show that they may not have a strong presence on the web but their service delivery, according to most customers, has been reliable.

People are satisfied with what they offer and this shows that they don’t fall short of their commitments.

Their policies and teams are spots on with the services and they provide all the things that a customer may ask for. As mentioned before, you may find multiple ads on TV and Radio, and if you are tech-savvy then you might find these ads on the web too.

Needless to say, the recommendations from customers and positive reviews about the services are most important when choosing a senior life insurance plan.

Making the Right Choice Buying Final Expense Life Insurance

Being a customer, you must not make a selection based on sheer judgment. You can find many final expense plans and quotes on the web, but in the end, will they deliver what they promise?

Here is a list of questions you must ask yourself:

  • Will your families benefit from this plan?
  • Will your expenses be covered by this plan?
  • How can you be certain you are buying the right plan?
  • Will all your liabilities be paid from this plan?

It would be best to visit the facilities yourself to find the answer. You should also consider calling the insurance provider’s agents and book appointments with them to get the best plans.

Coverage is important but it is important to learn about the additional benefits you can get from a certain plan.

Asking all these questions is very important, as you cannot make an informed decision without reviewing different services and their offerings. You may be wondering where you will find detailed information regarding your queries?

Our website is full of detailed information. You can also run quotes from agencies and compare the reviews on our website.

Besides this, we have some valuable information about final expense insurance to help you search for the best option.


Finally, don’t forget to look for reviews on various social media sites. Doing so will help you crosscheck the information you extract from other sources.

While you will come across plenty of reviews about Angel Care’s senior life insurance plans, this one discusses everything you need to know.

Once you see a suitable plan for your insurance needs, consider getting in touch with their agents to ensure they guide you through the insurance procedure step by step.

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