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Life insurance is a crucial investment for anyone. Especially, when you reach the age of 40 years, it is almost halfway through life.

If you have not been able to attain any regular insurance plan due to any reason (mainly health), we suggest you a guaranteed acceptance life insurance age 40.

Quick Overview

  • No Medical Exam.
  • No Health Questions.
  • Guaranteed & Fast Approval.
  • It is a Type of Whole Life Insurance.
  • Fixed Premium & Policy Never Get Cancelled.

In Guaranteed acceptance life insurance, there will be no medical exam and no questions related to a health condition.

However, you have to prove your age to the insurance provider. Besides, the gender and state of a resident are also important here.

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In this comprehensive guide, I am going to discuss everything that you need to know about this policy.

So, without any further delay, let’s begin.

Benefits vs Cost

benefit vs costThe applicant DOESN’T need to answer any questions and does not need to provide any medical certificates.

The offer seems lucrative but a guaranteed acceptance policy comes with a higher cost and partial benefits.

Now there can be many questions arising in your mind while you read this information.

We will try to address all your concerns here.

So, let us start with the basics.

Getting Guaranteed Acceptance Life insurance At Age 40

If you are at age 40, you are eligible to attain this guaranteed insurance policy. As per the rule, you will not have to face any kind of health questions, and in most of the cases, you are certainly getting the policy.

The only thing the life insurance company is concerned about here is the premium. Also, the beneficiary will get the death benefit just like other regular insurance policies.

However, this policy doesn’t qualify for dividends, although it’s guaranteed whole life insurance. And, term life insurance is not available.

The good thing is there will not be any kind of medical exam and underwriting. You can avail face amounts which start from $2000 and available up to $50000 which is good enough to cover funeral costs.

Besides, you can apply for this policy easily. A simple phone call or online application is enough here.

You will also get the flexibility and can remain stress-free as the premium will not be increased in this policy. But, you have to continue paying the premium.

Otherwise, your policy will be at risk of cancellation.

Can You Get It At Age 40?

Yes! Why Not?

In a general chance, YES, you can get guaranteed issue life insurance at age 40. It is specifically designed for people of this age who can’t get regular plans.

The life insurance company may want to know about your age, sex, or even your state of the resident to confirm the policy. This policy comes with a graded benefits feature.

According to this policy, your beneficiary is not eligible to get the full death benefit, if you die within the first two-year time frame of the policy.

Waiting Period for Life Insurance

2 years waiting period

For guaranteed acceptance policies, many insurers include a term called the waiting period.

In a guaranteed policy for age 40, there will be a risk assessment on your profile, and the insurance provider will continue the monitoring process for the next two years.

“At age 40, you should not try to avoid this 2 years waiting period because that will cost you a lot. If you still want to avoid it, read the post on guaranteed life insurance without waiting period.”

Therefore, the waiting period for this policy is two years. In these two years of the qualifying period, the insurer will hold the death benefit.

If an unexpected event occurs or precisely if you die within these two years of time, the beneficiary won’t get the death benefit.

You will just get the premiums that you already paid, of course with interest. However, if you survive these 2 years waiting periods, you’re in good luck, and your policy will be fully active.

In that case, your beneficiary can claim the death benefit if you die after the waiting period of two years.

There is no age limit particularly defined. Therefore, even if you are under 40 or as old as 80, you are still eligible to buy the guaranteed policy.

What is the ‘Cons’ of Buying Guaranteed Policy?

The significant negative side of buying this policy can be its high cost.

Although its premiums vary from individual to individual as well as firm to firm yet you should expect the rates of premium to be on the higher side.

The reason behind the higher cost can be justified with the higher risk which is involved with such policies.

As the medical condition of the policy, buyers can be drastic or there can be some questionable family history too, but guaranteed issue policy overlooks such limitations.

Therefore the customer tends to pay higher prices for these policies in order to justify the higher risk.

Health Certificates May Help

Many people ask if it is possible to reduce the cost if they show health certificates.


This question is often put up by people who want to buy guaranteed coverage for reasons other than medical.

However, one must understand that the clauses laid down by the companies while devising the terms and conditions for guaranteed plans are meant to serve a large section of people and are not specific.

Therefore, if you show medical certificates, there is a chance of price reduction as the prices are people, company & state-specific.

What Kind of People are the Prospective Customers?

A guaranteed insurance policy is excellent in the sense that your application will be accepted after a certain age period, even if you have a poor health condition. So, the prospective customers for this policy are very much specific.

In most of the cases, the customer base for the no exam life insurance for age 40 is from below mentioned groups.

  • Have Major Health Issues.
  • Rejected for Regular Policies.
  • Afraid of Medical Tests & Questions.
  • To Save Time.

Let’s explain it further.

People With Major Health Issues

If you have a serious health condition, then you are most probably worried about the acceptance of your life insurance application.

Don’t worry anymore.

Generally, the insurance provider will not ask anything about your health status, or no medical exam is required for getting guaranteed issue life insurance.

Therefore, people with major health issues are potential customers for this policy.

Rejected For Regular Policies

You’ll see most of the younger people who don’t have any kind of critical health issue can get regular life insurance coverage easily.

Because regular policies are more profitable for them.

However, people who are aged and with poor health conditions always get rejected from the regular insurance policies.

In this case, they move to the guaranteed life insurance as the policies are indeed confirmed regardless of the health state.

Afraid Of Medical Tests

There are some people who are afraid of attending medical questionnaires, or they don’t want to attend any kind of health-related test.

For this reason, many of this group of people opted for this policy.

Because no medical exam is required or questions about previous health conditions will not be asked.

People buy this insurance package as they don’t have any other better option left. Besides, the beneficiary gets financial security upon the death of the insured person.

Saving Time

Often, people want to get a policy quickly. In traditional policies, the process takes some time. But, the guaranteed policy is issued instantly.

Hence, it is possible to save time.

Is There Any Coverage Limit?


Most of the life insurance companies have an upper limit for providing death benefits to clients. Varying from state to state, usually, the upper limit for death benefits comes out to be $25,000 to $250,000.

If you are looking for higher coverage and death benefits, we suggest you buy a policy on your spouse.

These policies come with limited coverage benefits keeping in mind the risk of the insurance companies associated with the health of the buyers.

Those who buy more than one policy can avail themselves of more benefits that will give a more sum accumulation advantage to the insurance company as well.

The amount of the policy benefit is not high and it helps in sufficing the estimated purpose of the policy.

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Few Important Factors to Consider

Guaranteed issue insurance will provide financial security to your family even after your death.

Given that there are lots of benefits of having a guaranteed plan, you might want to buy the insurance in a hurry.

However, there are lots of factors that you should never deny.

Therefore, you should carefully consider the following factors before making a decision.


If you have already made your decision, always remember that this policy is expensive. You have to pay significant premiums for availing of this insurance service.

Therefore, you should think wisely before taking the ultimate decision.

Face Amount

The next thing that you should consider is the face amount. It is widely known as death benefits. The coverage is limited to $25000, which is not a significant amount.

However, it could be increased to $40000, but not a significant number of people carry this amount of coverage.

So, consider this face amount issue before signing up for the contract.

Graded Benefit

The policy has a term called graded death benefit in its terms and conditions.

Now, the graded death benefit is a contract where the beneficiary will not get the death benefit right after the insurance holder’s death. Let me explain it further. 

According to the rule of this policy, if you die during the first two years of the policy then the beneficiary will not get the full death benefit right after your death.

He or she will only get the premiums that you paid with interest.

However, if your death occurs after the first two years, in this case, the full amount of the death benefit will be paid to the beneficiary. 

Restrictions of Age

If you are below 40, you can’t get the guaranteed issue. Always remember that you should be over 40, for being eligible for the policy.

Should I Buy Guaranteed Issue Policies or Not?

As we mentioned in the article, you can buy the guaranteed life insurance at any age even 40 is the optimal age to buy it.

However, people in normal conditions want to buy regular insurance plans at this age but if you have already tried for it and haven’t been successful, it is better to invest in the guaranteed issue plan without wasting any time.

You will be able to pay off the premiums at the earliest. If there are any graded death benefits associated with the insurance policy in your region (which can be a possibility), you can still have ample time to survive through that time period.

Ultimately what can define the need for buying a life insurance policy, in any case, are the ‘requirements’ and the ‘reasons’ to buy the policy.

How to Find the Best Company?

We are here to help you. We can help you to find quotes and their rates from the TOP insurers. 

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Every company has a different agenda. While some are in the market to target only niche customer sections, others want to serve the common public at large.

At the time of buying the policy, you need to find out which company offers the most affordable options with the best benefits plan in your area.

Seek help from the internet as it is a great source of information for such queries.

we can helpFirst of all, login to a few company websites in your region. Find out about their offers and plans. Try to learn if they have any special ‘season discount’ plan too.

The next step is to verify their authentication. Check on their issuance certificates and accreditation.

After you are satisfied with the above information, now is the time to verify from the existing customers.

Social media is a great platform to find their existing customers. There must be promotional pages or fan pages of the company.

Put your inquiry there or find some forums that involve discussions from new and existing buyers of the company.

Read the reviews provided by existing customers and post your queries on such forums.

However, if you compare rates on our website, you will never have to worry about it. We only work with trusted partners.

This activity is very simple although it consumes a bit of your time. The good thing is that you can do it anywhere, anytime at your convenience.

If you want to avoid the exercise as mentioned above, you can simply call the company representatives at your home and ask them.

Taking quotes from a few companies will give you a fair idea of what you want, and from where you could buy as per your needs and the budget.

However, our suggestion to the readers is to only trust the established brands with strong credibility in the market.

Last Words

Life is full of uncertainties. We may not know what is in the store in the next moment for us.

Therefore, we need to buy life insurance for ensuring the financial future of our loved ones.

There are higher capital risks in providing regular insurance to their customers. Therefore, there is a lot of questioning and certifications involved with their buying procedure.

Many applications get rejected due to which there are a large number of people who look for other options for buying life insurance plans.

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance is a gleam of hope for such people.  Anyone can buy these policies despite gender and age.

Earlier the people in the age bracket of 60-85 were only the prospective buyers but these days many people in the age bracket of 40 to 55 also increasingly look forward to this option.

Do not delay your purchase for the right plan.

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