7 Common Lies About Health on Life Insurance Application

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Lying on life insurance application might create a serious implication. People think that they will not be discovered but they will be caught in the long run.

Lying on Life Insurance Application 

People lie for the purpose of getting a better deal or believed that the issue has nothing to do with their application.

The age of the applicant, nature of employment or bad habits or lifestyle as well as medical conditions are factors determining the amount of the premium?

Consequently, these are factors causing the lie.

7 Common Lies About Health on Life Insurance Application

Using Tobacco

Many tobacco-users lie about this habit but others do not even know it matters. For most life insurance systems, using any tobacco product is detrimental to health and a good reason for the refusal.

Based on medical researchers, smoking even a single cigarette per month is already a reason for the application to be disapproved.

A single nicotine test can catch the lie. Hence, you shouldn’t lie about tobacco use.

Addiction to Illegal Drugs

Drug addiction or even using marijuana is almost always denied in many life insurance applications.

Most applicants to obtain a cheaper policy will undergo a medical test so they quit using drugs sometime before the test.

Although many are able to cheat urine or blood test, they will be caught as insurers will check on your medical or criminal history.

Concealment of Major Diseases

Applicants are likely lying about their medical conditions to avoid higher premiums.

Some of these conditions are:

  • AIDs or HIV
  • Deadly cancer
  • COPD
  • Diabetes,
  • Heart disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Kidney disease
  • Problems with liver
  • High-level cholesterol
  • Hydrocarbon lipids & excess triglycerides
  • Sickle cell anemia, and
  • Stroke

Note that if your high blood pressure is supervised by your doctor, your rates will not be high.

In fact, some insurance companies are more considerate of specific medical issues. Your lies will eventually be uncovered.

Obesity or Overweight

Do not make weight a problem so no use to deny that you look obese because of overindulgence during the holidays.

You will be surprised to discover how much a few pounds one way or the other can affect the cost of your life insurance when overweight.

When you decide to apply for life insurance, try to lose some weight and do not lie about it.

No Problem with Depression

There are many insurance companies that consider depression an issue; therefore higher premiums.

Do not lie, tell your agent if you’ve ever been diagnosed with depression or ever been given medication to treat depression.

This way your agent can place you with the most depression friendly carrier available.

No History of Sickness in the Family

There are certain insurance companies using medical family history will often use to determine what rate class an individual will qualify for.

A family medical history plays a role in determining your premiums. No use lying about it as they are reflected in records.

However, if you have any sickness, you can go for a policy that covers sick people.

No One in the Family Dies of Cancer

A personal history of cancer means higher life insurance costs. If you do not come across family members dying of cancer, s you will not include it in your application.

In all fairness, the company has the means to dig out your family medical record.

The Bottom Line

Don’t lie on your life insurance application; it’s never worth the risk.

Find an independent life insurance agent that you can trust and answer questions to the best of your ability so that they can use your answers to find the right life insurance carrier for you!

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