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Life insurance companies usually take your weight into account to determine the number of premium payments you are going to make and decide if your application is going to be accepted at all.

In fact, weight is one of the first things insurers consider when receiving your application. That is, it’s hard to get a policy if you’re overweight or obese. But, don’t get disappointed; being overweight isn’t the end of the world.

In this article, we’re going to shed light on how to purchase a life insurance policy for overweight and obese people with the most affordable plans available.

Overweight & Obesity Statistics

Life Insurance for Overweight PeopleAccording to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2015 and 2016, the predominance of overweight in the USA was 40%, affecting almost 93.3 million of American adults. Regarding those under the age of 19, 18.5% of them were obese during the same period.

The United Health Foundation found that the obesity rate rose by 5% among American adults, from 29.9% in 2017 to 31.3% in 2018.

In 2018, obesity was found to be very high among adults between the ages of 45 and 64, and low among those between the ages of 18 and 44.

Followed by Alaska Natives and Hispanic Whites, dark-skinned Americans were found to have the highest overweight rates so far.

Also, adults over the age of 24 with a university degree have lower obesity rates than those who don’t have.

All in all, not only is obesity a weight issue, but also it’s a serious problem that contributes to a number of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. Thus, make sure you avoid it as much as you can.

Impact of Weight on Life Insurance

Before knowing the impact of your weight on your policy, you need to know that insurers depend on rating categories to determine the policy type you are eligible for and accordingly the price you should pay. Those rating categories are as follows.

Preferred Plus

This category is especially for those who are in great health without any history of medical problems. So, if you are over the perfect weight suitable for your height, you possibly won’t fall into this category.


If you’ve had a medical issue or your family has a history of moderate health issues, yet you are in very good health, you possibly fall into this category.

It’s worth mentioning that this category also qualifies for smokers except for their use of tobacco.

Standard Plus

This rating is reserved for people who are in good health, yet have a bad family history which hinders them from being qualified for a Preferred rating.


This category is especially for those in average health which might have some benign, yet manageable conditions such as high blood pressure or cholesterol.

Smokers can also fall into this rating category. So, if you suffer from being overweight, you will possibly qualify for a Standard Rating.

Table Rating

This last rating is for people who have bad health condition/s. If you do not have high BMI ratio, a ratio used by insurers to determine your health condition, you are likely to receive a table rating for your policy but that also depends on your weight.

For each of the aforementioned rating categories, there are lowest and highest weight limits for every height. However, your gender and age play significant roles in determining which category you qualify for.

How BMI Ratio Influences the Policy Rate?

Any life insurance policy depends on a number of factors including Body Mass Index BMI. BMI is a ratio used to determine a health condition depending on weight. That is, a higher BMI means high health risks for an insurer to take into consideration.

So, the more your BMI ratio is, the higher your premium rates will be. In some cases and taking your BMI ratio into account, your application can be rejected.

If you want to calculate your BMI, you can simply divide your weight by your height, and then multiply the result 703.

Don’t worry if your BMI ratio is not ideal; you might still be eligible for a policy. All insurers have other standards through which they can determine your policy rate.

Moreover, bear in mind that losing weight before applying for a policy will not necessarily mean having to pay low premium rates.

In short, maintaining a low BMI will assist in securing low policy premiums and improving your health.

Age is Important. Why?

In addition to your overall health, your age is also important when it comes to purchasing a life insurance policy. Age can determine your eligibility for the policy you intend to apply for.

Logically, the younger you are, the less expensive your policy will be. That is, if you’re, say, in your 20s, your policy will be affordable if compared to older people.

That being said, however, affordable insurance coverage can be available across many age ranges. So, experts recommend that it’s crucial not to postpone purchasing a policy to guarantee it stays affordable, especially if you have children.

To conclude, being overweight and older may reduce your chance of getting a policy. But, don’t despair; there are many options available for you. Visit our website to know everything you need about buying a life insurance policy for elders.

Health vs. Weight – How Can Overweight Harm Your Health & Policy Price

The price of a policy plan depends on some physical traits such as age, health, and weight. An insurer may charge you more in case it believes that your weight can make you riskier to an insurance policy.

So, if you are overweight, it means that you’re not in excellent health. That will finally lead you to pay a little more when it comes to the premiums of your policy. ‘The more applicants weigh, the more they will pay.’

Generally speaking, insurers determine customers’ rates based on how costly they will be to insure. Any health risks mean that you end up being costly to your insurance company. For example, people who are old in age tend to pay more compared to youngsters. The same thing goes to obese people; the more obese they are, the costly they will be to ensure, and therefore, the higher premiums they will have to pay.

Following a report by USA Today, ‘it costs almost $1,400 more a year to cure an obese than a person in good health and weight.’

The reason why young and healthier people pay less than old and obese people is that they are less likely to die within the term of the plan.

Life Insurance for Morbidly Obese People

You shouldn’t worry if you cannot get a policy at the rates others are offered easily. A lot of people in excellent health cannot even be qualified for such rates.

You need to understand why it costs more for morbidly obese people to get a policy at a preferred rate.

Morbid obesity is a serious health condition, meaning your agent will need to exert extra effort to find the right coverage suiting you.

So, while searching for a policy, try looking for insurers that sell policies for people with diabetes, heart attack, morbid obesity, etc. There are many insurers offering policies created especially for obese people.

Weight Loss Surgeries & Health Issues

There are many weight loss surgeries that help lose excess weight and reduce your risks of dying out of weight-related issues. The most well-known surgery is called Gastric surgery.

Those surgeries apply some changes to your digestive system and therefore help lose weight by reducing the amount of nutrients absorbed by your body and limiting the amount of food you can eat.

But, can these surgeries affect your policy rate? The answer is yes. Yet, your insurer will want to check your current health condition and if you’ve maintained the new weight after the surgery.

How to Get Affordable Rate?

Obese and overweight people usually find it difficult to get the policy they want which will be suitable for their budget. As discussed earlier, those people can develop many serious diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, etc. that’s why their rates are comparatively high.

Here are four ways to get an affordable policy rate.

Lose Weight

Losing weight is the easiest approach to lower your premiums, yet it depends on the amount of weight that should be lost.

Reaching a normal weight will obviously have an impact on your rate, especially if you were morbidly obese because morbid obesity has its own issues.

Apply for Guaranteed Life Insurance

Since this policy requires no medical exam, and its applications cannot be refused, experts recommend applying for it. It’s an expensive policy, yet it won’t be more expensive than one which requires doing a health exam.

The most important thing about this policy is that you must survive for 2 years before the policy is fully funded for.

In short, losing weight is still the best way to get an affordable policy, though.

Shop Online

Try shopping online for free quotes. Our website also offers life insurance policies for overweight and obese people. Compare the quotes we offer with those offered by other websites; in this case, you’ll notice the companies which offer the best rates for the policies they sell.

Weight Loss Surgeries

If none of the above ways was fruitful, including exercise, you are recommended to undergo a weight-loss operation.


As we’ve seen, purchasing an affordable policy for overweight people isn’t impossible. All it needs is good research skills and morale to lose weight. Remember no gain without pain.