How to Prepare Your Body for Life Insurance Medical Exam

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The term, life insurance refers to a contract between you and the protection firm. When you get in a contract, it means the company will offer your beneficiaries the death benefits immediately you pass on.

Therefore, life insurance is important for every person out there.

So, are you ready to purchase a life cover?

If yes, don’t be in a rush to get one.

You will need to apply the following ways to prepare yourself for the medical test before applying for the cover.

How to Prepare your Body for Life Insurance Medical Exam (List of Top 10)

  • Avoid cigarettes and coffee
  • Consume plenty of water
  • Stay away from fatty and salty foodstuffs
  • Abstain from marijuana
  • List down the medications that you are using
  • Get enough sleep
  • If you are a woman, avoid scheduling the medical test during a menstruation period
  • Be open to the examiner in case you fear needles or blood
  • Schedule the examination at morning hours
  • Avoid going to the gym for exercise

Let’s Discuss in Details

Avoid Cigarettes and Coffee

If you have the tendency of taking coffee and cigarettes daily, you can decide to skip them to avoid increasing the blood pressure. Both caffeine and nicotine can cause cardiovascular effects.

Most assurance firms use nicotine tests to evaluate the application of every candidate. The companies use a report from the screening process to know the amount of cash that they will charge the applicant.

The same case will happen if you consume coffee every morning. Caffeine in coffee beverages usually hinders the activation of the hormone, which prevents arteries from widening. Therefore, in case you have a medical test, it would be best if you avoid consuming coffee and cigarettes.

Consume Plenty of Water

Do you want to pass the medical test right away?

Drinking enough water will help you get the best results. Water is important to every person, who needs to be healthy all the time.

It will not only help you cushion your joints but it will also assist to transport the necessary nutrients to the cells and maintains the flow of your blood.

The following are reasons why you need to take plenty of water.

  • Improve the circulation of blood – Plasma is the main component of your blood. It plays the role of carrying the blood cells to their respective areas.

In addition, it also assists human beings to maintain their blood pressure as well as temperature.

When you drink eight glasses of water a day, you will not only make your blood more concentrated but also make it thicker.

  • Increase your concentration – It is imperative to consume plenty of water to enhance brain concentration.

Take enough water to avoid straining your brain. You certainly don’t want to be irritable, right?

Water is the best component that can help to develop your humor.

  • Curb the Tiredness – Lacking enough sleep is not the only thing that can make you feel tired. Insufficient water in the body can also contribute to your tiredness.

When you are tired and weak, it would be hard for the doctor to take tests on you. Hence, take water to be jovial and strong.

Stay Away from Fatty and Salty Foodstuffs

avoid fatty goodFatty, as well as salty foodstuffs, will affect your blood pressure and cholesterol. It would be a great idea if you can avoid these two a week earlier to your examination.

“If you are a burger lover like me, it’s going to be a tough thing to avoid”

In case you cannot handle the foodstuffs for a week, then make sure you avoid them for 24 hours prior to the test.

Below is a list of foodstuffs that you need to avoid at all costs.

  • Red meat – This kind of meat is associated with high blood pressure and cholesterol. This is because it has saturated fats that are capable of clogging your arteries.
  • Fries – Most fried foodstuffs are tasty, but they are unhealthy. They have high calories as well as trans-fats. These components will negatively affect your health.

Therefore, fried foodstuffs are closely associated with chronic diseases. Avoid taking fried foodstuffs when going for an examination to avoid having high calories in your body.

Abstain from Marijuana

In case you have an examination in a month’s time, it would be thoughtful of you to quit taking marijuana. The life assurance firm will term an applicant, who is using marijuana, a smoker.

This is something that you are not wishing for, correct?

It would be best if you try everything possible to refrain from using this drug. This is because, once you smoke marijuana, the rate of your heart will increase rapidly. You will also be subjected to a heart attack, especially after the first hours of smoking.

Blood pressure will increase while your blood may reduce its capacity of carrying oxygen. With this, you will not only feel dizzy but also increase the chances of fainting during the examination.

Marijuana also dehydrates the body. Remember, you need to hydrate the body cells so that you can be active and strong throughout the test. It would be pointless to take plenty of water while you are smoking marijuana. These two can’t go together; hence, you better do what is necessary for your own good.

List Down the Name of Medications that You are Using

Most examiners working in these companies will inquire about the medical history of every candidate.

Hence, in case you are applying for the life cover, it would be best if you put down every medication that the doctor prescribed for you. This will make the medical test run quickly.

Many companies look at various aspects before they approve the life insurance application. They will require you to hand over your medical report as well as a list of your medications, which you are currently using.

Typically, the medications may make the firms deny you the coverage benefits. If the medication, which you have presented, indicates you have elevated blood pressure, the company you are applying for will have all the right to turn down the offer.

However, some drugs that treat conditions such as anxiety and depression may be considered. This is because they might be used for a short period.

In addition, a medical history that shows your suicidal attempts might attract high premium rates from you. Always present your medications to help the insurer approve your request.

Get Enough Sleep

get enough sleepBlood pressure can be lowered down when you have enough rest. The only way you can have enough rest is having adequate sleep. In addition, having enough sleep will also get rid of fear as well as anxiety.

These aspects will help you to get good results during the medical test. With this, you will be able to farm out the following benefits.

  • Avoid the risks of getting a stroke and heart-related diseases. A good-sleep plays a vital role in dealing with health risks. Make sure you have 8 hours of sleep.
  • Deal with depression conditions. Mental illnesses can be caused when you have insufficient sleep. In fact, when you are depressed, you may tend to commit suicide.

If the medical report shows that you are suffering from insomnia, the firm may deny you the coverage or charge you high premium rates.

  • Enhance your productivity and concentration. For your brain to function properly, you need to have sufficient sleep. If you have poor memory performance, then the company may not grant you the life cover.

Avoid Medical Test During a Menstruation Period

Don’t you think it is a bad idea to take a medical test during your menstrual period?

 Yes, it is certainly a terrible notion.

The menstrual discharge will tamper with the urine sample; you don’t want this to happen, especially when you cannot wait for the coverage to land on your hands.

However, in case this happens on your date of taking the examination, you do not have to worry because it happens to most women out there.

All you need to do is give a call to the agent and request him or her to postpone the examination for another day. This will not only save you from conducting another test with the examiner but also avoid unnecessary embarrassments.

Menstrual Problems

During the menstruation periods, you may experience different kinds of symptoms that are uncomfortable. You will not only be familiar with mild cramping at the lower abdomen but also experience fatigue.

Of course, when you are tired and uncomfortable at the same time, your medical tests will not be positive. Just make sure you avoid conducting the test immediately you experience the menstrual issues. Some of these problems include.

  • Headaches
  • Food cravings
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Stomach cramps
  • Stress

Be Open to the Examiner

It is a normal thing to be anxious about attending an examination, especially if you have never been into a laboratory before. You do not have to freak out because it is something that you can go through successfully.

However, in case you have some concerns regarding the things that may make you anxious, then it would be best to talk to the examiner.

Most of the time, people are anxious about syringes and blood. If the medical test shows that you are nervous, the company might fail to issue out coverage. Talk to the expert to assist you to handle the anxiety and fear.

Otherwise, if the condition is not controlled properly, you may as well be subjected to hypertension. This way, you will get the best rates. As much as you want to live a healthy life, it is also important to find the best premium rates that the company can offer.

How Anxiety May Bring an Impact

  • Most firms will be curious to know the way you handle your anxiety. If you have been suffering for a long time, it means it would be challenging to deal with the situation.
  • You will miss going to the office for a couple of days. When you fail to go to the office, it means that the anxiety condition is severe enough to affect your normal routines in a negative way.

Schedule the Examination at Morning Hours

Taking a bite to an apple fruit can also affect your examination results negatively. This is the reason why it may be necessary to fast for at least 8 hours prior to the test.

It might be wise to schedule an appointment with the examiner at around 8.00 am. This should also assist you not to starve for a long time.

Most doctors will measure the concentration of glucose in your blood. If the level of blood sugar is high, the results may indicate that you have diabetes.

In addition, specialists may also measure the triglycerides concentration to determine the fat particles in your bloodstream. Fasting plays an important role in blood sugar and cholesterol screenings.

High cholesterol may cause various problems like heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases.

Types of tests for fasting

  1. a) Colonoscopy – You will have to consume a diet that has low fiber for only three days.
  2. b) Gastroscopy – The candidates will have to refrain from taking foodstuffs for at least 6 hours. This way, your doctor will conduct a clear examination of your intestine and stomach.
  3. c) Blood tests – When you have a blood test, you will need to fast for 8 hours or more.

Avoid Going to the Gym for Exercise

Going to the gym for the workout not only helps you to become fit but also improves your health. However, there is a circumstance, which might restrict you from going to the gym.

In case you are going for an examination, it will be important to avoid tiring your body by going to the gym. You may wonder why this is necessary.

Exercising will increase your pulse rate as well as blood pressure. Practicing hard may result in sugar addiction. Your body will always demand energy when exercising. You can get the energy by consuming sugary foodstuffs to restore the depleted glucose.

If this is not checked properly, you may get addicted to sugary foods. When your body has high levels of sugar in the blood, you will get diabetes; something that you don’t want to appear in your medical report.

Last Words

You do not have to wait until you get old so that you can apply for a life cover. We have clients who are over 85 and still don’t have any policy. They can avail a life insurance policy but, the earlier you apply it, the better.

This will save you from the high premium payments. Go for it and secure the welfare of your beloved. Through this, you will have nothing to regret.

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