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Immigrants play a critical role in the U.S. economy. Yet most of them do not have the SSN (social security number). Thus, it is common to hear people ask if you can get a life insurance cover without a social security number.

To start us off, we must explain what a social security number is. The SSN is an important identification number. It verifies a citizen’s status for admission to school and employment.

It is also vital when opening a bank account and could be demanded by state agencies when seeking public services. But to get a social security number, one must be living legally in the U.S. and ought to have appropriate papers.

Can Immigrants Get a Life Insurance Cover?

Yes, immigrants who live and work in the U.S. without papers and documentation can get a life insurance. It does not matter whether they have a social security number or not.

Thousands of them have life insurance covers even without SSN. But, they may be needed to share some bit of their information. Details such as driver’s license, ITN, and other personal details.

Why the SSN is Important?

So, life insurance companies may need SSN to help verify a person’s identity. It helps the insurer to give a rating and verify the policy. Also, the number helps to eliminate or prevent instances of fraud.

Other reasons why they may need the number:

  • To verify the applicant’s details with the Medical Information Bureau. The bureau only keeps records of people with an SSN
  • To check a drug prescription in the drug databases
  • To check your credit report.
  • If you have engaged in criminal activities, SSN can help the insurer to verify this.

Even though, insurance companies should be able to verify these details using other methods. It is not a must that they use the SSN for verification. So what will happen if one does not have an SSN?

What Options Are Available To People Without The SSN?

Driving license, green card, Visa, and ITIN are the alternatives.

If you do not have an SSN, the insurance company may request for your driving license. Also, if you are a holder of a green card you may be eligible for a life insurance cover upon producing the card.

Similarly, if you possess a valid visa, you can still apply for a life insurance cover. In either of the case, you may need to use your Taxpayer Identification Number.

How to Get a Life Insurance Coverage Without An SSN?

Unfortunately, not all companies will sell life insurance cover to people who do not own an SSN.

So, it may require that you shop around for a company that accepts other forms of identification other than an SSN.

Such companies are few but if you are determined, you will get a few. Also, you can get help from companies that sell life insurance covers to non-U.S. citizens.

Should The Beneficiaries Have An SSN?

The answer to this question is a straight no. Life insurance policies do not require that you add an SSN to the list of beneficiaries. Once they agree to cover you, you decide whom to leave the benefits to.

However, they will need to prove that they are the people listed among the beneficiaries to access the benefits. To help with this, the insured may need to state their name, date of birth, and address.

What to expect

Typically, a few companies will offer life insurance covers to immigrants. Unfortunately, most of such companies have a ceiling to their benefits. They offer a maximum of up to $100,000.

The Best Covers for Non-Documented Residents

If you are undocumented, the best plan you should go for is the no medical exam. With this policy, you do not need to go through an extensive medical review.

Besides, you will not need to submit your blood or urine test. Such plans will provide benefits of up to $ 100,000. Also, since the immigrant may not have the SSN or ITIN, there will be very few questions asked.

If the immigrant has a green card or visa, they will qualify. All they need to do is answer questions about their age and the beneficiaries they intend to list.

Also, they may need to disclose if the beneficiaries have the SSN or ITN. If they don’t, then letting the underwriter know this is vital.

On age limits, most insurance companies insist that the applicant be between 18 and 60 years. Even though, some insurers will offer cover to people aged over 60 years.

Other Options Available

If you are undocumented you may not have the SSN. But, you can visit the IRS offices fill form W-7, and get ITIN.

People classified as foreign nationals, non-citizens, and resident aliens can follow this route. With this number, any insurance company can verify who you are. The number protects the underwriters against fraud.

Categories of People Who Can Buy

If you are a foreign student living in the U.S., you can use your visa to buy a life insurance policy. The visa is sufficient proof of who you are and provides the details the insurer will need.

It can help you get covered at very favorable rates. Undocumented immigrants awaiting asylum can apply for life insurance cover.

Lastly, holders of green cards can access life insurance coverage from any company. They need not produce SSN before they can be allowed to cover their loved ones.


It is possible to find a life insurance cover even without the SSN. An insurance contract is an agreement between you and the insurance company.

The government may not get involved in such private transactions. So the onus is on you to research and find a company that can offer you the cover at favorable rates.

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