Life Insurance Savings Group Review [The Truth Is Here]

Life insurance is one of the best solutions to your worries and problems. It offers you a specified amount of money for different purposes.

Knowing that you or your family will get a good amount of cash at a specific time provides a sense of relief and assurance.

Based on the insurance you choose, you can use the money to pay off your loans and pay for final expenses. Or you can simply provide the money to your loved ones so that they can meet their financial needs.

Life Insurance Savings Group is a popular marketing brand that can help you gain all these benefits.

It offers you guidance and support in choosing the right option based on your lifestyle, needs, and preferences. But what is Life Insurance Savings Group? And, how can it help you?

To help you understand everything about this company, we have given a review about its features and benefits so you can make an informed decision.

What Is Life Insurance Savings Group?

what is life insurance savings group

Life Insurance Savings Group is not an insurance company but a marketing brand.

It is popular for marketing one of the leading insurance providers in the county, Select Quote. Life Insurance Savings Group runs a commercial about Select Quote’s final expense policies.

It also uses different marketing tools and advertising techniques to inform people about different insurance coverage options.

According to Life Insurance Savings Group’s website, the company offers terms like insurance and final expense policies.

Life Insurance Savings Group is an independent agency that offers services to several highly reputable insurance companies.

Since it understands the benefits and drawbacks of several types of insurance policies, the company can help you compare different policies to find the most appropriate one for you.

Hence, unlike other brokers, you will not be limited to a few insurance companies.

How Do Life Insurance Savings Group Plans Work?

Life Insurance Savings Group offers you different policies and choices in the type of insurance you need.

The company reps will help you understand the features, perks, and drawbacks of each policy.

Once you get in-depth information about each plan, you will have the freedom and knowledge to choose between them.

If you find the process confusing, you can discuss your concerns with a professional. You can also help decide the right plan based on your needs and requirements.

These are the two life insurance policies that you can find on Life Insurance Savings Group’s website.

Whole Life Final Expense Coverage

A final expense plan, also known as a burial insurance plan or funeral insurance, is whole life insurance.

It helps your family pay for your funeral and burial expenses. This prevents your loved ones from taking on huge loans to pay for your final expenditures.

Life Insurance Savings Group encourages people to purchase this insurance by providing whole life final expense coverage.

It offers you an amazing plan so that you don’t have to worry about your funeral cost and live a peaceful life.

Here are some benefits of purchasing its burial insurance plan.

Fixed Monthly Rates

As we get old, our source of income becomes limited. This is why most people prefer a certain amount of money monthly through investments or savings.

Fixed monthly premiums can help you stay within your budget. You have to pay steady premiums for your life insurance that will help you pay them on time.

Guaranteed Coverage

Another benefit of Life Insurance Savings Group is that you will get guaranteed coverage. This means your coverage will never decrease, even if you live for a long time after purchasing the coverage.

For instance, if your death benefit is $25,000 and you die after ten years of purchasing the policy, your family will get $25,000 on your death.

Angel Care Senior Life Insurance also provides guaranteed coverage, don’t forget to check that out.

Permanent Coverage

Your coverage doesn’t have any limited time period. It is permanent coverage and offers you all the benefits for life.

Cash Value

If you purchase this policy, you can benefit from the cash value that builds over time.

The best part is that you can borrow the money in your life for any purpose.

Level Benefit

You can apply for the level benefit feature, which has no waiting period.

However, the company will ensure your health condition before offering you this plan.

Also, you might need to answer some health questions. And yes, you should be between ages 45-85 to purchase this policy.

Graded Benefit

The company also offers a graded benefit that has a two-year waiting period.

Although you may have to wait to enjoy its benefits, it’s easier to qualify for this insurance policy.

Most importantly, the applicants should be between 45 and 80.

Term Life Insurance

This is another insurance plan that you can purchase from the Life Insurance Savings Group.

Term life insurance plans are temporary life insurance policies that expire after a specified time.

If you outlive the time period of insurance, you will no longer be able to avail the death benefits and other benefits.

Life Insurance Savings Group’s website doesn’t have proper details about its policy. However, some common features that come with term life insurance are as follows:

Temporary Coverage

This insurance policy offers your coverage for a certain period.

So, if you die after the expiry date, your family has to figure out other ways to pay for your medical bills and burial expenditure.

Death Benefit

These policies are best if you are looking for an excellent death benefit.

With a great amount of cash, your family can use the money for their other needs, like your child’s education fees.


Typically, premiums are not steady and increase over time. But the best part is that they are extremely affordable.

If you are looking for a steady premium, check out Seniors United Life Insurance.

Medical Exam

The insurer needs to go through a medical exam that can include health tests and a thorough checkup.

You might also have to provide your medical records to prove your good health.

Life Insurance Savings Group & Insurance Providers

Life Insurance Savings Group has partnered with many big names in the industry.

It encourages people to purchase insurance from its partners in several ways, like marketing.

In fact, it has shown itself as the provider of the Mutual of Omaha’s policies (one of the best insurance providers) in its commercial.

Other than Mutual of Omaha, the company also offers policies from these companies.

  • AIG
  • Trustage
  • Global Life
  • Americo

Benefits Of Life Insurance Savings Group Policies

Life Insurance Savings Group acts as a one-way stop for people.

The company offers you a long list of insurance plans that save you from contacting different insurance companies. This way, you save your time and effort and get the best plan.

Here are some more benefits of purchasing policies from the leading companies through Life Insurance Savings Group.

Excellent Prices

The most challenging task for any consumer is to find a policy with affordable monthly premiums.

Therefore, many people have to spend months looking for low-cost insurance coverage options.

But when you contact Life Insurance Savings Group, it helps you find a plan that’s within your budget.

Of course, the premiums will depend on the death benefit you need, but the rates will be good enough that you can pay it your entire life.

Plans With Additional Accidental Features

Many companies don’t offer death benefits for accidental death. This means that if you die due to an accident, you will get nothing from your coverage plan.

However, this company offers you some plans that provide coverage even if you die due to an accident.

In fact, there are some plans in which you will get 100% coverage.

Age Group

You can find plans that have a minimum age requirement of 40.

This way, people who are still a few years away from being in the senior age group can purchase amazing policies to meet their needs.

Plus, the maximum age limit is 85, which gives an opportunity to older adults to invest in appropriate plans.

Death Benefit

Since you have multiple insurance policy options, you can find a plan that has death benefits based on your needs.

The Life Insurance Savings Group offers you coverage from $2,000 to $40,000. Keep in mind the higher the death benefit, the higher will be the monthly premium.

You need to look at premiums and death benefits before purchasing any plan.

How Much Does It Cost Through Life Insurance Savings Group?

Life Insurance Savings Group has not mentioned the exact cost of all its plans on the website.

If you want an instant quote, you can simply fill out the form on their website.

You need to provide your name, phone, address, DOB, email, and gender information. Once you complete the form, you will get a message that the agent will call you.

To get an idea about the cost of your chosen insurance, you need to talk to company representatives on the call.

They will give you a quote and guide you on other policies that might work best for you. The best part is that you don’t have to spend valuable time visiting the office.

You can simply eliminate all your concerns on the phone.

The experts will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of buying a specific insurance plan on the phone.

You can even discuss your needs and requirements so that they can offer you information about other insurance policies.

Once you decide, they will give you a quote. The premiums can be $5 or more per week, based on the insurance you choose.

How To Choose The Right Insurance Policy?

If you are planning to purchase coverage, you need to consider a few factors before buying one.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a perfect plan.

Type Of Insurance

Since not every insurance is for a lifetime, you need to thick which type of insurance will work best for you.

For instance, if you want excellent death benefits and don’t want a lifetime solution, you can purchase a term insurance policy.

For people looking for a lifetime solution, they can opt for a whole life insurance plan.

Access Your Needs

Whether you want to purchase final expense insurance or term life insurance, you need to consider your needs and requirements.

Do you want money to pay for your funeral, casket, burial, cremation, or memorial services?

Or do you want to support your family when you are not around by leaving a good amount of money for utility bills and household expenses?

Besides that, you also need to consider inflation in your area. Keep in mind that the prices of a casket, burial flowers, and other funeral expenses can increase over time.

You need to choose a coverage that can pay for all the necessary things that you want.

Cash Value

For people looking to purchase a plan as well as looking for investment opportunities, they need to look for cash value.

Some insurance builds cash value that allows you to get more money out of what you are investing.

Moreover, many policies allow you to borrow the cash value in your life. You can use the money for medical emergencies, traveling purposes, utility bills, and children’s fees.

Easy Process

We all are busy and don’t have time to waste hours and days on purchasing insurance plans.

This is why you need an insurance provider that can offer you a plan with the simplest application procedure.

Look for plans that you can purchase in a day or two.

Age Limit

Your age is the main factor that decides what type of policies you can purchase.

For instance, there are some plans that individuals between 40 and 85 can get, while some policies only offer benefits to people aged 45 to 80.

So, you need to look for the right plans.

Bottom Line

Life Insurance Savings Group is the best platform if you don’t want to waste your time dealing with and contacting several insurance providers.

This company offers you a range of insurance coverage options with several features, incredible death benefits, and affordable premiums.

The best part is that you can get a quote in no time and discuss everything on the phone- no need to spend time visiting the office.

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