Selling Cemetery Plot Without Making Loss

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Many people prefer preparing for their death beforehand by purchasing a cemetery plot. If you think that you won’t have a need for your cemetery plot in the future, you can choose to sell it.

You may decide to sell it for various reasons, like staying close to loved ones after you die or experiencing a financial crunch.

However, this decision may not be the case forever. You can purchase and sell a cemetery plot whenever you want. There are many reasons for selling your plot before you actually use it.

For instance, you are having family disputes, relocating, or do not think the plot is in a proper location. No matter what the reason, the decision is yours.

Suppose you are having financial problems. In that case, you can sell the spot and use that money for your financial need. Later on, you can rely on other methods to fund your cemetery location.

Funeral Insurance is the best option as you get enough time to pay for your own funeral in small chunks, and it includes all the other funeral items also.

Reasons for Selling Cemetery Plot

why selling the plot


You may want to sell your burial location for various reasons, like deciding upon cremation as opposed to burial.

Similarly, you may have inherited a burial spot but may have a better spot in mind. Moreover, you can support your financial condition by freeing some investment.

No matter what the reason is, selling your burial plot is essential, and you need to make this decision after proper research and understanding.

Below, you will find various reasons to sell your burial plot.

Further, in this article, you will find various methods to sell your burial plot, so keep on reading.

1. Changing the Residency

Many people change their neighborhood, city, and country. Buying a cemetery near your new home is the most sensible option instead of traveling all the way to your old plot.

If you are traveling and have no plans to return back, you can sell your cemetery. There are various methods to sell your plot.

We will discuss the most effective methods below so that you can understand and make a better decision.

2. Getting Divorced

When spouses get divorced, they divide all their assets according to the agreement between both entities.

Most couples purchase plots side by side with their partner so they can stay together after they are gone. But when they are unable to live together, they decide to move on to different locations.

This can also increase the chances of changing the location. Many different factors affect this decision.

For instance, if you are just shifting a couple of blocks, your previous location will still be adequate. But if you are heading far from this location, you can sell the plot and buy a new one near your new home.

3. Changing Financial Status

A cemetery plot is an investment that you will require when you are no longer among your loved ones.

Currently, this asset is unused, and you never know when you will require a cemetery plot. Hence, you can use that plot to fulfill your financial needs.

For instance, if you are in a financial crisis, you can instantly sell this asset and utilize the amount for living.

Once the crisis ends, you can purchase a plot in your desired location. You can also opt for final expense insurance and fund your complete funeral expense by paying every month.

4. Changing the Burial Location

You and your family can sell the existing plot and buy a new one at a different location with an amazing environment. There are various locations available, depending on the value of the plot.

Suppose, if you have enough money to buy an expensive burial place, you can sell the existing location and buy a new one.

5. An Inheritance Or, a Gift

If your loved ones give you a cemetery plot as a gift or your father inherits the plot, you can sell that burial area and buy a lot somewhere you feel comfortable.

Furthermore, you can do a variety of things when selling your property.

Factors To Consider Before Selling The Plot

things to consider

Before starting the process of selling your cemetery plot, you need to consider various factors that might affect your decision to sell the plot.

Here are some of these main factors:

1. Discuss with your Family

Before you make the decision to sell your plot, you must discuss it with your family. Ask if they have any better ideas. Gather all your loved ones, such as your spouse and children, who need to be part of the decision, and discuss it.

You need to discuss the future plan with them if you are changing the location of the plot or if you are in a financial crisis.

Also, discuss what options you will use to buy a cemetery plot, such as burial insurance or, cremation insurance. If they respect your decision to sell the plot, you can go ahead and take the next step.

2. Find the Status of your Plot

Look for the cemetery contract. You need to go through the contract and understand the agreement.

Reading through the contract will tell you if you can decide to sell the plot alone or need to consult your brothers and sisters first. After all, they might share the possession if you receive the plot in heritage.

Read complete rules and regulations of selling the plot if mentioned in the contract. After that, you can visit your brothers and sisters to discuss the idea of selling the burial plot.

If they agree and you sort out everything with them, you no longer have to worry about the issue during the selling process.

3. Calculate the Value of your Plot

Before you sell your cemetery plot, you need to determine its actual value. If you are unaware of the current worth of the plot you own, you might end up losing a lot of money.

One way to find out about its value is to look it up on the internet. It can tell you about the average amount that other sellers are asking for a plot in the same location.

On the other hand, you can contact the cemetery management to learn about the plot’s value.

Furthermore, you need to keep the price on average. If your prices are too high, you may not be able to sell your burial plot and end up wasting your time and efforts instead.

On the other hand, if you are pricing your plot lower than the actual cost, you will end up losing money. Find a balance by understanding the market and setting a price that is convenient for you and the buyer.

4. Contact the Management of the Cemetery

You can also contact the cemetery management to ask if they have any offers or if someone in their reach is looking for a plot for their loved ones. Most people visit the different cemeteries and ask the management for a better deal.

However, you can find such a deal if you contact your cemetery management and discuss your plan to sell your plot.

They might not know any person looking for a cemetery plot, but someone may approach the management looking for an offer.

So, if the management is aware of your selling offer, they will discuss it with that person.

The cemetery management purchase plots from different people as well. Selling your plot directly to the management is another best option.

They will also offer you a reasonable price for the plot, and you can save a lot of time in the selling process.

Methods for Selling Cemetery Plot

selling the plot

There are numerous methods and platforms to sell your plot. You can choose the method that you like the most. Below, we will discuss some options in detail so you can make up your mind:

  • Seek Help from a Cemetery Broker

You will find a lot of brokers who are out there helping people to sell the burial plots. You can communicate with them and discuss your property.

However, you need to be aware of their terms and conditions before accepting their offer or signing any contract.

You can contact online brokers as well. They will promote your plot through their links and platforms. As they are popular, they might get better results than looking for a buyer alone.

But, you must be careful as many brokers are scams. They charge exorbitant amounts to sell your plot and don’t put in effort in return.

Hence, you need to ensure that you choose a famous broker with authentic and high-rating reviews on the internet.

  • Selling to the Cemetery Manager

Cemetery managers are already aware of the location that you are about to sell. You can discuss it with them. This is the easiest method to sell your plot.

Many cemetery managers purchase plots and keep them on hold. When a potential buyer wants to buy a plot urgently, they directly connect with these managers, who will sell your plot in return.

A cemetery manager will also quote a reasonable price as they already know the property’s condition and market rate. Many managers instantly purchase properties from sellers.

Therefore, you have a better chance of getting cash instantly if you visit a cemetery manager to sell the plot.

  • Using different Social Media Platforms

If you decide to sell your property on your own without consulting any agency or manager, you can advertise on various online platforms. Various platforms have dedicated sections for buying and selling burial plots.

Moreover, some websites focus entirely on helping buyers and sellers. These websites will give you a better chance and options when you promote your plot on their websites.

You can also use Facebook and Instagram. These social media platforms are a quick way to attract interested people at a reasonable price.

Remember to add pictures of the surrounding environment, so they find it appealing and buy the plot.

  • Add Posters

Printing out the pictures, location, contact number is also an option to attract people to your neighborhood.

You can print out some posters and place them near stores, subways, etc.

Exclusive Marketing Techniques

marketing techniques

  • Social Circle

The first marketing strategy to attract people to purchase your cemetery is by contacting your social circle.

Get in touch with people you know but have no connection with for a while. Visit them and discuss your cemetery plot. See if they are interested in your property.

Furthermore, ask them to communicate with others and spread the news around. With this strategy, you can meet with the person who shows any interest in the location.

Give them a visit to the location so that they can check the plot themselves.

  • Create a Team

Managing a team is a challenging task, but it is a better option as opposed to taking care of your selling process all alone.

This option is only viable if you plan on making a living by selling cemetery plots. You need to hire a salesperson and some people to manage all your transactions and legal matters.

You can also create CRM software for your team or let your sales team decide the best method to generate all the leads.

When selling and buying burial plots as a business, you need to be visible in the market. You need a team of marketing with knowledge about the market and tools to promote the business.

You need to plan the business structure and build strategies to improve the structure and operations. If you start a business without market knowledge, you cannot survive.

CRM will help your employees communicate and increase productivity. If you are starting a business, do it right by investing in software that makes your business less challenging.

  • Make the Cemetery Attractive

Many people invest in making their cemetery attractive. They add monuments and organize events, so people visit the cemetery.

Host some events, and arrange tours so that people know about your heritage and why your plot is special. You should tell the community stories about your ancestors.

When people start visiting your plot, they will find the place important and purchase the location. The chances to sell a plot will increase if many people visit the plot.

They are already convinced of the location as they have already seen it. They just need to know the process and amount of the property. If your amount is reasonable, they will love the place.

  • Going ‘Green’

You can decorate your plot with natural accents such as trees and beautiful flowers. Many people wish that their final resting place is attractive with plenty of scenery.

If you don’t provide this facility to your potential buyers, you are missing out on a lot. Many people naturally gravitate towards a final resting place in the midst of nature.

You can provide what they want. This will also increase the value of your burial plot.

  • Be Innovative

Besides the above-mentioned marketing options, you can try other techniques. You just need to think out of the box and try different methods.

You can also try more than one method as this will increase your chance of getting a great offer in a short time.

Do not hesitate to be creative. Make posters, go online, and target the audience on every platform.

Search for Burial Plots Advertisements In Your Area Online

search for burial plots

You can place an advertisement on different websites. To keep things organized, you can start by making a list of all the social media platforms and websites that you think will be helpful and effective.

Various websites in the USA allow you to promote your cemetery plot in an easy method.

Once you are done with the list, you need to write an attractive description, so people understand the location.

You can be transparent about why you want to sell your plot and how many offers you have. You can also offer negotiation as this will attract even more audience.

When posting your advertisement on websites dedicated to burial plots, your advertisement must be more prominent than others.

You should know that all the people who visit those websites are interested in purchasing a plot for their loved ones. You need to develop sentimental with the location that you have.

For instance, if the plot has a history of your family tree. You can express that as this will show how informed you are. Furthermore, add pictures from different angles to get an idea about the plot before visiting the place.

You can also be specific about the plot of the advertisement. Describe the space number, block, section, cemetery, location, and neighborhood. Provide a map and the complete address so if they like to visit, they can.

Furthermore, stay available for visits at any time. Give them a special protocol, so they know that you are interested in selling the plot.

How to Close the Sale?

complete the deal

When you are closing a deal, you need to make sure that you are on top of that deal. While finalizing your sale, you need to arrange the papers for the contract.

You as a seller and the buyer will sign the papers to transfer the ownership. You need to contact the cemetery administration for all the legal issues and paperwork.

It is also required to ask the administration about the closing fees because some of them charge a few dollars. The cemetery is responsible for transferring the ownership from you to the new buyer.

The chances are that the buyer will utilize the burial plot instantly. That is why you need to keep the papers ready to process everything easily and quickly.

You need to get in touch with the cemetery manager and inform them about the sale and your intention. Furthermore, you need to understand all the processes and requirements of the process to easily transfer the documents to the new owner.

You need to complete all the documents that are important for the transfer. Consulting with your lawyer is also the best idea. They will take care of all the legal processes and keep you in the loop at the same time.

The paper will include all the important details. You need to keep everything ready and secure so that the buyer can trust you.

You need to be completely transparent to the buyer while he is purchasing the plot. Ensure to give them complete support as they might have lost a loved one recently, which explains why they are looking for a location.

Keep all the details confidential. Only you and the buyer should know about the transfer. Seeking help with a broker or any other third party service is fine so that you can finalize the sale of your cemetery plot.


Once you sell your burial plot, you might need another plot according to your need and financial status. You can try various options, such as a personal loan for the funeral, online funding, etc.

However, the best method of all funding is insurance. These insurance plans are easy to pay and less of a burden on the policyholder.

With this option, you can plan, arrange, and manage your own funeral, even if you are short on money. Contact us for more details about flexible and convenient burial insurance.

When you select this method, you will have peace of mind that your family and loved ones do not have to worry about your funeral during their hard time.

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