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Life Insurance for Seniors Over 85Life insurance for seniors over 85 is a necessity. As the economy changes and inflation continues to rise, seniors have to prepare themselves financially so that they can afford to live. If you suddenly pass away then this can cause a burden for your loved ones who may be responsible for handling whatever debts that you do have. Despite a person’s age, there are options for life Insurance over 85.

Flexible Life Insurance for Seniors Over 85:

Two great options for life insurance for seniors over 85 is whole life and universal life insurance plans. Your age does not affect your eligibility for being approved for any of these plans. Whole life insurance is a great option because it takes your money and puts it into a high-interest savings account that can be used to cover expenses. This option offers great life insurance for people over 85 because you only pay on the payments while you are living.

Whole life insurance gives you a guaranteed amount of money every year that it is continually growing.  This means that you do not have to guess or wonder as the interest rate will grow your money. The money also relies on compounded growth which is why this option is great as a life insurance over 85.

Mutual funds, money market accounts, and stocks cannot give you any type of guarantee. These types of investments are too risky for someone who is older who has to depend on their money growing each and every year. We recommend to check policies by entering the zip code below:

Another reason why whole life insurance is a great life Insurance for people over 85 is that you can access your money at any time without any penalties, including no tax penalties. This is a unique feature that can benefit anyone when life’s unexpected events happen. This type of option adds flexibility to life insurance for seniors over 85 allowing you to borrow it out of your policy.

The second popular option for life Insurance over 85 is universal life insurance. To start off, universal life insurance is lower than whole life insurance. This can offer more savings for life insurance for seniors over 85 which can be a deciding factor for seniors on a tighter budget. You may also have a look at guaranteed acceptance life insurance for seniors with no waiting period.

Unlike a fluctuating interest rate that comes with other life insurance plans, universal life insurance comes with a minimum interest rate. Universal life insurance is also very flexible. If your insurance needs ever waver, then you can change your policy to regulate those deviations.

Another great feature of universal life as an option of life Insurance for people over 85 is that you have options to take out loans on the insurance with some great terms. This can range using the money to pay off debts to taking a vacation. If you ever find yourself in a bad financial situation, you can also use universal life insurance as a way to supplement your monthly income.


There are options for life Insurance for seniors over 85. Whether you choose whole life insurance or universal life insurance you can be assured that either option will accommodate your needs and give you peace of mind that your affairs will be taken care of when you pass.

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