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Most people in the United States have resorted to smoking cigar to enjoy cigar smoking insurance rates. The reason why this is the case is that the cost of buying life insurance cover for people who smoke cigars is quite low. Cigar users can easily pass as non-smokers while those who smoke cigarettes cannot.

Factors that Insurers Consider

Many factors determine whether cigar users get a non-smoker insurance premium.

They include:

  • Overall health
  • How often they use the cigar
  • Smoking history
  • The company’s selling the policy
  • Frequency

If you are a cigar smoker, the frequency of smoking can make a big difference. It will determine whether you secure a cover at the best rates or not. It also determines the company you can apply the cover from.

The good thing with cigar smoking is that it is not habitual. Thus, people smoke cigars during special occasions or recreational periods. This is not the case for cigarette users.

Cigarette smoking is addictive and habit-forming. Even though, some of them will claim that they only do it when having a drink.

Anyway, anyone who smokes more than 12 cigars annually needs to be careful. They must disclose this info when applying for a life insurance cover for non-smokers.

Companies have a maximum number of cigars they can smoke per year to qualify for non-smoker rates. Thus, the frequency of smoking will dictate eligibility and underwriting guidelines.

We have plenty of companies that provide life insurance for cigar smokers. Many of the companies do cover people who smoke up to one cigar per week.

The History of the Smoker

Your previous history of cigarette smoking may affect your chances of being covered. If you were a heavy cigarette smoker who switched to cigars, the insurer will need this info.

Also, the history of cigarette smoking is important. Therefore it is critical to let the carrier know if you previously used to smoke cigarettes.

But again, it all depends on the carrier you are working with. Some need a negative history of cigarettes smoking. But others will still cover you if you stopped smoking a few years ago.

The Overall Health

Your overall health counts a lot when it comes to determining whether you get a cover or not. The chronic obstructive pulmonary disease will make it hard for you to secure a cover

Comparing Cigar and Cigarette Smoking

Smokers expose their mouth, tongue, lips, larynx, and throat to cancer-causing chemicals. It causes health risks and so insurers will want to mitigate the risks.

Although cigars cause health risks, they are less risky compared to cigarette smoking. This is why they are taxed less. It is not the case for cigarettes which are heavily taxed and are sold in packs of twenty.

The smoking of cigars has become more popular than cigarette smoking. Even though studies show that it is even more toxic than cigarette smoking. It is believed that it has higher concentrations of cancer-causing substances like nitrosamines. When you smoke your cigar, these compounds are released in large quantities.

Also, the less porous cigar wrappers make the burning of cigar less complete. So, it makes cigar smokers inhale a higher concentration of toxins. Cigar smoking causes lung cancer, oral cavity cancer, esophagus, larynx, and lung cancer.

Also, people who smoke cigars have a higher chance of developing heart and lung diseases. As a result, cigar users must pay higher premiums compared to non-users.

Why Tobacco Users Pay Higher Premiums?

Generally, tobacco users seeking for life insurance cover must pay higher premiums. Such individuals are likely to die earlier compared to non-smokers.

In the United States, 20 % of deaths cause resulting from the use of tobacco. Insurance companies are always leery when offering life insurance covers to tobacco users.

But it is not always true that tobacco users will need to pay higher premiums for the cover. A few companies provide an affordable life insurance policy for tobacco users. People who buy policies while labeled as tobacco users pay higher premiums.

But they don’t need to pay much higher premiums throughout their lifetime. If they stop using tobacco, they can change their status. They can take a medical examination after some time. Check out our article on “how to pass life insurance nicotine test?

If it confirms the new status, the insurer re-evaluates its situation. It can help to lower the premiums. This is indeed good news to anyone who wants to improve their health and enjoy lower premiums.

Applying for a Cover as a Cigar Smoker

If you use cigar and you are considering to apply for a life insurance cover, here are the questions you will answer.

First, you will be asked whether you use tobacco products or not. The underwriter may also want to know whether you stopped using tobacco products in the past 12 months.

The provider will charge you more if you quite just a few months ago. Some insurers will need that you remain free from the use of tobacco-related products for not less than 5 years. After this duration, you will be granted a tobacco-free rate.

So when shopping for a cover, doing some research is the best option you have. Also, the time you take the cover is critical.

Be honesty

If you use cigar, you need to tell the truth when applying for a life insurance cover. If you lie, it will be treated as fraud. But when the truth comes out, the insurance will label the applicant as a tobacco user and raise the premiums.

Other Options Available

You may decide to consider a policy that does not need an exam if you use cigars. In such a case, you will not need to go through the tests.

However, you will be required to pay more on premiums. The insurers charge more because they have no information about your health. Insuring you put the insurers at greater risks so they may want to cover them by charging more.

A cigar smoker has plenty of options to select from. But it requires time and effort to shop around and identify the best options available.

Non-smoker Rates

People who smoke cigars and don’t use other nicotine or tobacco related products may qualify for non-tobacco rates.

But you need to be careful when selecting the company. If you make the wrong choice, you will find yourself spending more.

How the Rates are Determined?

Some life insurance companies choose the rates based on how the client ranks on their health rating system. General health and tobacco usage may then be used to determine how one will be rated.

Companies that Offer Best Rates to Cigar Smokers

To apply, use our FREE comparison tool from the right/below of our site.

Here are some top companies:

America General

People who use less than a cigar per week will be placed under health rating by the America General. Besides, other than a cigar, one should not have used the tobacco-related products in the past 5 years. The company gives the best rates to people who enjoy less than one cigar per week.

Banner Life

It gives cigar smokers preferred plus rates. But the company requires that one should smoke one or less cigar each month. Also, such individuals should not have smoked or used tobacco in the past 3 years.

Individuals who quit smoking two years ago, and who smoke less than one cigar per month qualify for non-smoker rates. Those who have not smoked for 12 months qualify for Banner’s standard plus non-smoker rates.


The company will consider a person for non-smoker rates if they used an average of fewer than 12 cigars in a year. The company sells many policies for cigar users at very affordable rates.

Voya Financial

The company will allow people who enjoy less than a cigar per week to get preferred plus rates. They too sell quality coverage to persons who smoke a cigar.


If the individual average at less than 4 cigars per year, they can get a life insurance coverage at MetLife. The company is stricter but offers their policies to those who meet the qualifications.

Mutual of Omaha

It is another insurance company that provides coverage for cigar smokers. But just like other insurance companies, their conditions are tight. For you to qualify, you must be smoking not more than one cigar per month. If you meet this qualification, you will be considered for preferred plus rates.

The company is a reputable carrier in the US. It is most recognized because of their effort to sponsor many events in the country. It is one of the best life insurance carriers in the US.

Protective Life

To qualify for their cover for non-smoker rates, you must be smoking not more than 6 cigars in a year. Also, you may qualify for the company’s preferred rates if you use less than twelve cigars annually. The company sells many policies ranging from Preferred Plus (less than 6 cigars) to preferred rates(less than 12 cigars per year). It also offers standard term and many other plans.


It is one of the carriers that are believed to be the most lenient for people who smoke cigars. The number of cigars you smoke per year does not matter. It also covers people who chew nicotine gum and tobacco.

Such people will still qualify for non-smoker rates. Also, the company has smoker’s rates preserved for people who smoke cigarettes.

Things to Consider

At this point, you know a few companies that offer policies to people who smoke a cigar. The task that remains is for you to determine the company to choose. Here are a few things to check out.

Company’s History

The company’s history of payment is critical when choosing your insurer. I bet the worst thing that could befall you is to be scammed. Besides, you need to choose a company that will release payment to the beneficiaries fast.

So, before you start spending your cash on premiums, look at the customer’s ratings. A company with trained customer-service representatives could be the best option for you.

The Cost

Of course, you are interested in the cheapest option around. Look at the charges of each carrier and determine the one that you can afford.

Things to Avoid

Don’t buy coverage from a friend or a relative. If you do, you will pay more and not get the best.

Don’t buy a cover before you compare what different companies offer. Ensure you get a couple of offers and choose the one that fits your special circumstances.


With this info, you are now ready to buy a life insurance cover. However, you must take your time when doing this. Identify about 5 carriers and start eliminating them based on the services they offer.

Remember being honest is critical when buying a cover. So, choosing a company that offers the best given your circumstances is vital. Remember that you stand to lose if you don’t provide accurate information.

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