Why You May Need to Get A Complete Blood Count for Life Insurance

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Life is full of exams. Throughout our life, we struggle to achieve and prove our worth. Similar is the story with the life insurance policies.

They ensure our life for money that means they need to test our worth for the money they promise to our loved ones in case we leave the world under uncertain conditions.

We need to provide certificates of our medical report of sound health in order to purchase insurance policies.

In one way, it is for our personal benefit too. These check-ups keep us motivated so that we try our best to maintain good medical records and keep ourselves in the best of physical and mental states of health.

There are various types of health tests that we go through during the medical examination of life insurance policies.

One of these is the test of complete blood count. Insurers often do other types of blood tests as well.

The blood sample is taken by the laboratories to perform this test. They find out the count of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets in our blood.

People often inquire what significance does the count of platelets holds in life insurance and why particularly this test is so important?

Importance of Right Blood Count in Our Body

The insurance companies take a CBC test (Complete Blood Count) of their clients to know about certain health conditions and their symptoms.

Each type of blood cell is significant in deciding our health.

Red Blood Cells

Red blood cells mainly signify the iron levels in the body. When the CBC is performed the following observations can be expected:

Low Count of Red Blood Cells: the condition is known as anemia.
A Higher Count of Red Blood Cells: the condition may be polycythemia

There are a few other ailments for which the symptoms can be detected by observing the blood count for RBC (Red Blood Cells).

White Blood Cells

White Blood Cells are mainly associated with the immunity or the ability of our body to fight infections. The following conditions are observed:

Low White Blood Cell count: This condition may signify the presence of some serious infection such as leukemia, parasites, steroids being used, or other subsequent disorders.

Higher White Blood Cells count- This situation may ascertain some malnutrition, bone marrow issues or other viral infections in the body.


The platelets are known to be carriers that ensure the smooth functioning and flow of the blood. They may even cause clotting when stuck together. The following conditions are observed by platelets count:

Low Platelet Count

The lack of platelets can lead to several diseases due to the abnormal functioning of the spleen and bone marrow problems. It also indicates that the body undergoes a lot of stress.

High Platelet Count

This condition signifies poor spleen functions, viral infections, and several other diseases.

Is CBC Mandatory for Everyone?

No, it is not mandatory.

If you are healthy overall, the company may or may not ask you to show your blood count report.

But, if you suffered from some serious health condition in the past or present, the companies may ask you to go for a CBC test.

Denied Life Insurance Application After Blood Count Test – What To Do?

By understanding the importance of blood count in the human body it is relatively easy to understand their impacts on our health.

The insurance companies have a straight business where they ensure our life against money. This money they provide to our loved ones in case of death of the policyholder.

This money which is promised to be compensated after death is quite a high amount as compared to the monthly installments premium that we pay towards buying insurance.

Thus, before providing the final insurance to their customers the insurance companies try to check their medical condition. If the person is healthy, there are higher chances of a long life expectancy or vice versa.

As the blood counts are responsible for so many human health ailments, in certain conditions they may give pre-symptoms of a prospective disease.

Although as mentioned, CBC is not mandatory in every case, it is the discretion of the insurance companies to ask you to present your CBC test report.

If your medical reports certify some blood counts issue, either they suggest you treat it or accordingly raise the cost of life insurance.

That is why in some of the cases the clients end up buying a no medical tests policy that is relatively higher in cost but saves the customers from the hassles of getting the medical tests and checkups done.

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