Analysing Cremation Cost in Arizona [Sample Rates & Rules]

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Arranging funerals and cremations for loved ones can be difficult. Plus, coping with bereavement and finding the best services can be quite daunting.

This guide will help you find the best services and assess some must-know facts about cremation cost in Arizona.

What are Cremation Services?

Arizona cremation

Burning a body at a high temperature only leaving the ashes behind is referred to as cremation. The ashes can be entombed, buried, scattered, or kept in a safe place once the process is over.

The cremation process is incomplete without combustible containers and you can generally get these from crematoriums. It’s also worth keeping in mind that only legal representatives of the deceased (spouse, children, or relatives) can authorize a cremation.

Cremation Laws in Arizona

Each state has its laws and legislations. These laws govern funeral practices and determine the standards of disposing of human remains by cremation.

The cremation procedure is only possible after the signing of a “Cremation Authorization Form”. The signatory of the form is either the applicant or legal next of kin. The coroner issues the cremation permit for the authorities.

However, families have to wait 24 hours for the process to proceed. Generally, it takes around 3 working days for making all the arrangements and completing the necessary paperwork.

The cremation process does not require a casket. Instead, the process is completed using a suitable rigid container. Containers used for cremation are made from cardboard or plywood.

The funeral homes also offer rental caskets if a service is to be held before cremating the dead.

What is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation is the most cost-effective option available in Arizona. This process is cost-effective and saves time for customers who don’t require funeral services.

The process is simple, as the deceased are collected from the place of death and submitted to a crematory. The cremation process starts once all the formalities and waiting period are over.

Selecting the Right Cremation Provider

There are around 190 cremation providers in the state of Arizona. The major areas that divide the territory are Phoenix, Mesa, and Tucson.

Disposing of the remains of your loved ones is an important responsibility. You need to be certain about your selection and choose the right cremation provider.

There is a long list of options available but selecting the best requires careful research. For starters, comparing the services and costs can get you going.

Getting value-added services at the best price is also vital for making well-informed decisions. Some people plan their own funerals and cremations before passing away, getting exactly what they want.

The Arizona State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers provides a guide for funeral information. The state law requires you to design your funeral establishment.

As a consumer purchasing, funeral products and services becomes easy using the guide provided by the state. According to Arizona law, an individual or their authorized agents must choose the ending rituals.

Cost of Cremation in Arizona

The most frequently asked question by customers is: what’s the cost of cremation in Arizona? More often than not, consumers take time to select the best available option. They shop around, find the best deals and compare the prices.

Accessing a directory and searching for the best alternates is mostly considered by the customers. The Arizona state law requires the deceased to choose and plan their ending obligations as per their preferences.

Once you choose a service, review the contract and select the best. Once a contract is signed, the service provider is obligated to abide by the terms.

Average Cremation Costs in Arizona

Cremation costs are lesser than the complete funeral cost. The requirements of purchasing a casket, preparing a memoir, clothing, and burial vault are all omitted through cremation.

A general overview of the cremation prices has been provided below that may vary with the actual.

Service Price Range Average
Direct Cremation $575 – $2,650 $1,612
Transportation of Body to Funeral Home $395 – $700 $547
Embalming $525 – $700 $612

Mesa Cremation Costs

Service Type Average Cost Price Range
Direct Cremation $5,123 $455 – $ 9,790
Cremation Memorial $5,583 $880 – $10,285

Phoenix Cremation Costs

Service Type Average Cost Price Range
Direct Cremation $2,783 $620 – $4,945
Cremation Memorial $3,133 $970 – $5,295

Tucson Cremation Costs

Service Type Average Cost Price Range
Direct Cremation $1,828 $595 – $3,060
Cremation Memorial $2,493 $1,250 – $3,735

It’s no secret that expenses tend to accumulate easily and they vary based on the locality. What’s more, proper planning and preparation are necessary to manage the entire process smoothly.

Assistance with Cremation Costs in Arizona


It costs less to die in Arizona and other nearby states comparatively. The funeral costs are less and people choose cremation over traditional burial. The National Funeral Directors Association states that costs of funerals have skyrocketed with time.

The rising inflation is making people choose cost-effective solutions i.e. cremation over funerals. Funerals have costs such as embalming supplies, caskets, and burial spaces.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the best options one can avail of. It comes in two variants: term and whole. Policyholders with terms of 10 to 30 years generally opt for term life insurance.

This option is affordable for the holder and the rates remain the same throughout the policy’s life. The death benefit associated protects the family of the deceased from any type of financial loss.

Life insurance plans cover all forms of debts, mortgages, and loans. In addition, the funeral costs and living expenses (part or full) are covered through life insurance. One can also gain renewal at a premium or qualification for coverage at the end of the term.

Whole life insurance has a level premium that applies throughout the policy tenure. The premiums need to be paid timely with no changes in the benefit and rate. This plan accumulates to cash value with time and requires the policyholder to qualify once.

Final expense life insurance is a type of whole life insurance that can save you a lot of money and pay for the expenses.

Term life is less expensive and a better option for young adults. On the other hand, whole life is for people seeking to manage end of life expenses.

Pre-Need Insurance

You need to plan your final farewell. The pre-need insurance plan assists you with planning your farewell before your death.

Many funeral homes offer this plan and it can only be availed at the funeral home where it was purchased. Through this plan, you can determine what you want and how you plan to bid farewell to the world once you pass away.

The pre-need plans are either guaranteed or non-guaranteed. A guaranteed plan pays for the services you desire irrespective of the cost.

A non-guaranteed plan, on the other hand, only covers the basic amount paid during the purchase. Factors such as cost and inflation are not applicable to this plan.

Each funeral home adds distinctions to the plan to add value. The price and benefits can vary with the plan and the service providers. Therefore, it would be best to choose the best plan with maximum services.

Federal and State Assistance

The state of Arizona offers assistance to crime victims. The Crime Victim Compensation Program allows the families of the victims to obtain $10,000 in burial expenses.

These funds are availed through levying a charge on the person who committed the crime. It is also worth keeping in mind that the Social Security Office provides facilities to qualifying individuals.

A one-time death benefit of $255 is offered lump-sum to the family or representatives. Veterans are eligible for $450 along with additions to the cemetery and burial benefits.

Laws for Scattering Ashes in Arizona

Arizona is amongst the states where the cremation rate is exceeding 60% and increasing rapidly. End-of-life choices are important and applicants must consider the options and cremation cost in Arizona very seriously.

If you do opt for cremation, the remains can be scattered on public land without pre-informed permits. The remains can also be scattered on their own private properties if approved by legal representatives.

The preferable locations for ash scattering in Arizona are the Grand Canyon and the National Park. Families can get free permits for performing the rituals and scattering the ashes.

However, it is vital to follow the state’s regulations when performing these rituals. It is also important to scatter the ashes appropriately, making sure you disperse them entirely.

Making memorial markers of any sort is not permitted. It is also important to get permission from the Federal Aviation Authority for dispersing of the ashes.

How Insurance Can Pay The Cost Of Cremation?

Getting cremation insurance can pay the cost of cremation. Cremation is the cheapest and easiest method of bidding farewell to the world. It is easy for the family to scatter the ashes and saves the cost of funeral ceremonies.

Your selection matters the most whether you want a large funeral or you want a simple funeral ceremony. Large funerals can become a burden for the family, so plan out your final ceremony the way you want it.


Getting insurance tackles all the necessary expenses of a funeral, regardless it is simply cremating the body or burial.

The economic downturn is affecting families, causing difficulties when it comes to paying various expenses. The county social services departments offer solutions to help people fulfill their final obligations.

Consulting the industry experts provides access to municipalities’ budgets that cover the expenses. The cremation cost in Arizona for those on welfare and those without funds is paid through the municipalities.

Only the people qualifying on their criteria can apply for cremation allowances. The payments issued by the municipalities are paid directly to the funeral establishments.

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