John Hancock Final Expense Review [Complete Walkthrough]

I’m not a fan of ads! They have a subtle way of encouraging impulse buying, which is a terrible financial habit.

Back up a bit, I’m not interested in criticizing your spending habits.

I’m more concerned about your insurance habit and help you nail the best package in the market.

If you’ve stumbled on the John Hancock final expense ads, it’s so good you’d almost want to buy it the moment it ends.

But before you slam in your credit card details on their payment landing page, let’s take a moment to dissect everything in this John Hancock final expense review, shall we?

Is it bullshit or worth it? Let’s find out.

John Hancock Ratings

John Hancock ratings

When you talk about the big guns in the USA’s life insurance industry, John Hancock has a spot on the list.

As a life insurance company based in Boston, they’ve got a lot of tricks up their sleeves that they manifest in life insurance products for their target audience.

One of the numerous products is the Final expense insurance policy, also named “burial insurance.”

Suppose you want to spare your family the expenses tangled with laying your corpse to rest when you die. In that case, you might as well get on the burial insurance train with a trustworthy insurance company.

A simple way to spot a reliable insurance company is by examining its financial strength rating.

That’s why I drew up this John Hancock rating, and it’s based on customer reviews and the other essential bodies within the industry.

This rating would also give you a general overview of what to expect from their insurance products.


  • Application Ease: 8.9
  • M Best: A+
  • COMDEX Ranking: 93
  • Affordability: 5
  • Customer Service: 7

In case you’re wondering, A.M Best is used within the industry to grade the financial strength of an insurance company. From the looks of it, John Hancock is top rated.

The COMDEX ranking is another vital industry report that gives an idea of the financial standing of an insurance company.

A company’s ranking helps you decide if you should trust them with your money by investing in their product or service.

COMDEX ranking ranges from 1 to 100. With a 93 COMDEX ranking, John Hancock proves itself as a reliable company.

Although John Hancock Insurance is one of the epitome of perfection in financial strength, they’re not precisely leading in the customer service department.

The Better Business Bureau confirms John Hancock’s average performance in the customer service department by grading them a B. Here’s the kicker; John Hancock has no spot on BBB’s list of accredited insurance companies.

The reason is, of all John Hancock’s customer concerns filed with BBB, only 30 complaints have successfully been closed in 3 years.

Nevertheless, the company is rated 4.5/ 5.

About John Hancock Insurance Plans

The company offers 14 life insurance plans, all with unique features. Some of the plans are Survivorship Life, Term life, Final expense insurance, etc.

There’s an impressive lineup of products, but we’ll focus on one of the life insurance products; Final expense insurance.

Let’s ditch the corporate title for a minute and address this plan by its other name- the funeral insurance. burial insurance or burial insurance for seniors.

Think of this plan as a final parting gift to your family members. They won’t need to shrink their budget to foot your burial fees when you die.

If you uphold the terms of this insurance until you breathe your last, your family won’t bear the burial cost.

Now, let’s dissect the core of John Hancock’s final expense insurance. Sit tight.

Who Is The John Hancock Final Expense Insurance For?

No product is created in a vacuum. In other words, every product fashioned by entrepreneurs is targeted at a specific class of people to address a pain point.

In the case of the final expense insurance, John Hancock offers this plan to people under 55 to 80.

While anybody who falls within the stipulated age range qualifies for this insurance plan, there is a special spot for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

This spot is the guaranteed acceptance life insurance plan. Here’s how it works.

It allows you to benefit from the final expense, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions like Dementia, Stroke, Organ Transplant, Cancer, Heart attacks, people who need assistance to carry out daily activities, Congestive heart failure, Alzheimer’s, AIDS/HIV, people who are taking oxygen, plus Bone marrow transplant.

Your medical history or health won’t determine your qualification status for this life insurance policy due to the guaranteed acceptance of life insurance. Think of the guaranteed acceptance as a waiver.

You only need to be within the qualifying age range. In summary, this final expense insurance is open to people with and without medical conditions.

Features Of The John Hancock Final Expense Insurance

Now that you know the target audience of John Hancock, let’s dive into its features.

Guaranteed Level Policy

When you watch the John Hancock final expense ad, you’ll likely hear the product tagged as a “guaranteed acceptance life plan.”

Here’s what it means; anyone who applies for this insurance would get it, as long as they are within the age range.

More so, they won’t be quizzed on their medical health or record to qualify.

But with the presence of the guarantee level policy, any eligible person can apply for the John Hancock burial insurance and not get declined.


The next best feature you might notice about this product is that it’s a whole-life product. That is, it would last you through your lifetime.

But there’s a clause you have to adhere to if you enjoy this insurance product;

You have to stay faithful to your monthly payments- the payments keep the plan active.

Waiting Period

Another feature is the waiting period. When you sign up for this and are faithful to the monthly payment, you’ll have to stay alive for two years after starting the insurance.

That’s the only way your next of kin would get the full benefit of the burial insurance policy.

Listen, if you die of natural causes after paying consistently for six months, your family would only get the refund of all you paid for the insurance service with a 10% interest.

However, if you die after the two-year wait period elapses, you’ll get the full coverage attached to the plan.

You can still get the plan’s full benefits if you accidentally die before the 2-year waiting period elapses.

Whole Life Benefits

Three whole-life benefits shape the John Hancock funeral policy. They are the Coverage lock, Price lock, and Cash value.


Unlike some burial insurance policies you might have encountered, this one comes with a coverage lock.

That is, if you live longer than anticipated, the death benefits in the coverage won’t decrease.

Price Lock

Now, this is the best part of the whole-life benefit of this John Hancock. You’d continue to pay the same amount you started with when you signed up for this plan.

In simpler terms, there would be no increase in the price of the final expense plan.

Cash Value Increase

Here, the plan contributes to building your cash value, and you can borrow from the coverage money.

John Hancock Final Expense Price Estimates

The first thing you should know about the John Hancock final expense insurance cost is that it’s on the high side. Men and women pay different prices for the same insurance product.

I’ll show you how much men and women are expected to pay monthly for a $10,000 coverage.

Note that the table would only cover the age range from 55-80.

The reason is that this plan only issues initial coverage to everyone between 55 and 80 years old.

For people older than 80, the coverage is a different ball game.

Age 55 60 65 70 75 80
Female $50 $59 $74 $95 $129 $180
Male $73 $82 $105 $135 $175 $232

John Hancock Final Expense: Pros & Cons

The policy comes with attractive advantages that make it less hassle to use. Here are a few:


  • You won’t need to take medical exams or answer medical questions to access this product.
  • The monthly premium is fixed- it never increases.
  • You can sign up for this product without physically meeting an agent. A single call over the phone or an online chat- where the agent would ask you demographic-specific questions, is all you need to subscribe to the final expense insurance.
  • Coverage never decreases.
  • The guaranteed acceptance feature qualifies you for this plan based on your age.
  • Offers vitality programs to encourage a healthy lifestyle and rewards people with discounts, etc.


While the Pros of the John Hancock look fair, here comes the part that involuntarily raises your brows in shock or disbelief.

  • The 2-year waiting period places one at a disadvantage, especially if one dies during the 2-year wait period.

In that case, your family won’t get any coverage- all they’ll get is a refund of the amount you paid with 10% interest. The only exception is accidental death.

How To Apply For John Hancock Final Expense

Applying for the policy is easy. You don’t need to go through an examination or an interview.

You need to reach out to an agent over the phone or online via their site. If you’re going to reach out to a representative via the John Hancock website, you’ll need to fill out a form with your data.

Then, an agent would reach out to you. You don’t need to schedule a physical meeting with the agent.

As earlier stated, they won’t ask you questions about your health or medical history. But the agent might pry a bit into your demography for quality assurance purposes.

Should You Apply?

Now, here’s the part you’ve been waiting for. Should you apply for the final expense insurance? Is it worth it?

Well, I’ve had many people throw this question in my face.

It’s not surprising because John Hancock is a reliable and top-rated company.

Their financial strength makes them the 1% of the 1% in the industry. So, you’d expect that their product is beneficial.

Well, I’ll say the same thing I say to many of my clients- the John Hancock insurance would have been flawless, but the problem lies in the 2-year waiting period. You’ll need to wait two years to be entitled to coverage.

Now, two years seem like a short period. But people die within the space of one week or less.

So, subscribing to this final expense insurance is equivalent to throwing caution into the wind- you could die anytime and not get the coverage you want.

More so, the insurance only covers people between 55 and 80. There’s no coverage for people above 80 in this insurance plan.



What Is A Good Alternative For John Hancock Final Expense Insurance?

Mutual Of Omaha & Open Care final expense insurance are two good alternatives because of their price points.

They offer similar features to John Hancock’s final expense. But they are more affordable.

Is John Hancock Available In My State?

John Hancock is not only available in Boston. They are in most states in the United States. Reach out to an agent to ensure they’re residents in your city.

Final Words

Fun fact; John Hancock is a great company.

But I wouldn’t advise you to be swayed by their ads; you also shouldn’t purchase the John Hancock final expense insurance plan because of their charisma and credibility as a company.

One thing is vital when purchasing insurance- buy products that benefit you. What I’m trying to say is, get a second and third alternative.

There are tons of reliable insurance companies that offer similar final expense insurance for less. The goal is to shop smart, not extravagantly.

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