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The LifeShield Protection Plus Life is a group life insurance plan provided by the Wellness Association of American. The underwriter is the Lifeshield National Insurance Company. Under this everybody is eligible and doesn’t need to take any medical exam.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to be U.S. national to be eligible. However, you need to be a resident. For an applicant that has been rejected for any plan before in one way or the other, it is worth taking a look at this one. It is hard to find another insurance plan in the market with the guarantee to begin at 18 years of age.

Medical Questions Not Required

Applicants can opt for the membership option that suits their budget and requirements. The policy options to choose from ranges between $10,000 and $50,000 of five years convertible and renewable modified term life insurance policy. The cheap monthly rate changes with age. The death benefits are different in the first and second years.

The renewable insurance policy of Protection Plus extends up to the age of 80 years. It comes with several complimentary services and benefits (non-insured).

The Compulsory Graded Period

waiting periodIf the insured dies during the mandatory graded period (the first two years), the full amount of the insurance plan will not be released.

Therefore, in the first year, the beneficiaries will get back the premium and an additional 20 percent.

For instance, a monthly premium rate of $60 will give you ($60 x 12) plus 20 percent, which will give you $864. That means you make a net gain of $144 on the policy.

However, if the insured dies in year two of the policy then the beneficiaries are getting 20 percent of the death benefit.

For instance, a policy with a death benefit of $24,000 will give ($24,000 x 20%), which is $4800.

Association Membership Based

This life insurance plan is based on association membership in the Wellness Association of American. It entitles you to the Guaranteed Issue Group Term Life policy. The term policy benefits changes in the first and second year of the policy as described in your policy certificate.

Protection Plus Life is renewable every five years. The monthly rates on the term policy certificate plus your renewal depend on the age of the applicant as at the time of renewal or issuances.

Apart from the Protection Plus life insurance, membership to the Wellness Association of American (WAOA) will also get you access to these additional benefits:

Free Personal Consultation

You gain access to well-known and experienced Naturopathic medical personnel. That will advise and recommend a treatment plan that can naturally bring about improvement in your quality of life.

The wellness Doctors utilize their skills to propose a natural treatment to assist with acute symptoms alleviation to make you feel better.

Weight-Loss Plan

For those that want to embark on a weight loss journey, membership to WAOA will grant you access to a dedicated weight loss plan tailored for you. Its outstanding structure can assist you to lose weight with the help of natural supplements.

Free Assessment

To kickstart your healthy lifestyle commitment, you get to a deep online Wellness assessment.

You get to talk with a general wellness doctor on certain health concerns and ask questions from the doctor who will propose the next natural moves to take on your journey to good living.

Allergy Management

You will get suggestions to handle your allergies whether you have them year-round or seasonal. There are allergy management kits that can offer an effective means of giving the body defenses a boost and supporting the Immune system. You get to access 15 percent off for the Allergy Kit as a member of the Association.

There is also the Allerplex, which acts as an effective and swift means of relieving allergies symptoms by giving the immune system a strong boost.

Supplements and Vitamins

The association membership will let you access 15 percent savings on all top quality supplements and vitamins. These will help you with a healthier lifestyle with a simple, practical and affordable approach.

Wellness and Health Card

You get a wellness and health card that offer you along with your loved ones the chance to save a diverse range of healthcare services and products.

This includes Wellness Card Rewards, Vision Care, all round the clock Doctor, Discount on Prescription, Diabetic Care, Daily Living Products and Services, Dental Care, Healthcare Bill Help, Laboratory Testing, and Hearing Care.

Lifetime Weight Management

On your way to set aims on weight management, the naturopathic doctor will offer you a weight management plan to assist you to get and maintain your set weight level.

As soon as you have reached your goal on the right weight target for your lifetime. The naturopathic doctor will help you with a specially structured weight management program.

Prescription Advocacy Program

This feature of the membership will assist you in getting the lowest retail price out there. You along with any of your family member can enjoy up to 25 percent or above on savings on prescription via the means of the prescriptions savings card.

Wellness Contents and Resources

You can subscribe to weekly contents, which offer you suggestions on ways to get over the majority of the health issues like thyroid problems, type two diabetes, obesity as well as other metabolic problems.

The Protection Plus Death Benefit

The death benefit will be on the Certificate Schedule. You will get it in a lump sum unless it states. To receive the death benefit, you have to submit the certificate to the company.

Likewise, any changes to be made to the death benefit is already provided to the insured. Only the beneficiary as displayed on the policyholder certificate will receive the death benefit.

Overview of the Protection Plus Plan

The death benefits for the policy can range from $10,000 to $50,000. The age eligibility starts at 18 years of age.

The last renewable window is at 75 years of age to take you into 80 years of age on the five years basis. Bear in mind that the only acceptable means of payment is Credit Card.

What Happens in the Case of Accidental Death?

If the case of the accidental death of the policyholder, the beneficiaries will get a full value of death benefit. That is irrespective of the modification of the death benefit in the first two years.

The Background of the LifeShield National Insurance Company

In 1982, the company was incorporated and based in Oklahoma as part of the Midland Group of Companies. The Midland group also consist of the MidFirst Bank, which is one of the biggest individually owned bank in the country.

Initially, the insurance company offered Midland Mortgage optional insurance products.

However, recently, the company has created a host of group and personal health insurance plans. The company promotes these products to school districts, small and medium enterprises as well as professional associations. LifeShield provides cancer, accidental, grave illness and life insurance plans in the U.S.

The Wellness Association of America

This association is structured to offer to encompass membership with the aim of addressing the daily wellness and health needs of its members. It is created to help members to adjust their lifestyle for the purpose of long-term health benefits via free reoccurring services.

This goes with members’ exclusive savings on health benefits. The association is found in the provision of expert doctors to help you with your wellness and health journey.

Some Terms and Conditions

  1. The monthly fees are due on the 5th or 20th of every month. The payment is automatic depending on the means of payments you choose when signing up. The payment method will be verified with you for the sake of security.
  2. Member plan activation is done on the original effective date, which can be on either the 1st or 15th of every month. This is decided by the day the initial payment is acknowledged, which includes the signing up fee.
  3. The termination policy notes that the association retains the right to end your plan. They can do it without prior notice in the face of defaulting monthly payments.
  4. In case you want to cancel your membership plan, you can do that within the initial 15-day trial. That counts onwards from the first effective date. You will get a full refund of your initial payment if you are yet to utilize any benefits from the association. However, the signing up payment is not refundable.
  5. The terms and conditions for any of the benefits or services can be ended or altered without restriction. You will get prior notice as soon as possible. Additionally, the association membership plans could be altered, terminated, or/and subjected to extra terms and conditions. Furthermore, the availability of the Wellness benefits and features are dependent on state regulations.


In your bid to get the best group term life insurance policy, the LifeShield Protection Plus Life is one of the best plans to consider. However, that still all depends on your requirements and the state where you reside.

If you decide to go with Protection Plus Life then ensure your state is covered by the plan as not all states are covered. Once you have checked the plan fulfill all your requirements then it is definitely worth trying out.

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