Life Insurance for Parents without Their Consent

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If you are celebrating your life today, it is because your parents have always managed to provide a quality life to you.

So, it’s your turn to pay off their hard work through any possible means.

If you are looking for the things you can do to pay off for the lifetime hard work of your parents; life insurance can be one thing to consider.

However, many people ask about life insurance for parents without their consent which is legally not possible. We will discuss everything in detail.

Why Your Parents Need it?

Life insurance is not something that they will benefit from, but that can be the last present from them to their children. One can further cover up any mortgage or burial expense or anything that was in a delay.

It is up to the children; you count them as your savings for making up for the extra expenses either on house or debts.

Is it Possible to Get Your Parents Insured without Consent?

Big NO!

Getting life insurance for someone without their consent is illegal.

Insurance companies never allow such kind of activities. They have rooted for the better policies and conditions to avoid any kind of forgery in the process. Systems are in place to avoid anything like this and collection money upon someone’s death when they never consented for life insurance are quite low.

Therefore, if you want it for your parents – you must gain their permission and fulfill other requirements to approve your application.

Who Can Get Life Insurance for Parents?

Most people get insurance for parents to avoid any debts to pass on them. Of course, they are not financially stable enough to pay huge amounts of debts after the death of a parent.

So, before it happens, children prefer to prepare for these financial provisions by staying ahead of the time. No one has to shy away from calling out for the insurance. You can cover medical care expenses, bills and funeral expenses from the insurance policy.

Main categories of children who prefer life insurance for parents are explained below:

Paying Loans or Debts of Parents

Your parents might be living under house rent debt, car mortgage or any other debts. Children are not always ready to take up the burden after their death.

Plus, these loans can be pretty high and if one included all the bills for their health and care – you might get a shock. Therefore, precautionary measures are necessary for you to avoid financial constraints later.

Funeral Expenses

Financial stability is not in everyone’s fate. Some people struggle for their whole life, but hardly get to achieve any stability in finance. In this case, the sudden death of a parent can bring emotional trauma along with the high financial expenses. Now, if you fall in the same lot of people, you can choose a life insurance policy and secure your future for better.

Cover all the burial expenses through policy. Remember, you will need the consent of your parents to get the insurance policy on their names.

Avoid Land Divergences

Land divergences can be a huge problem after the death of parents. Just have look in your surroundings and the daily headlines tell us about the sibling arguing after the sudden death of parents.

One case can be the fear of not getting any payments of final responsibilities from your siblings. These scenarios lead children into serious troubles and no one wants to indulge in such petty issues. Therefore, buying life insurance can be your best shot in this matter.

Above are the only core reasons defined by the professionals dealing in this case. If you drill down to the matter, you will find many other issues in it too.

Children often feel shy about asking their parents, but if you think about the long-term benefits – you might want to consider this option as soon as possible. Parents who have reservations on life insurance must think about the financial ease they can leave for their children.

Also, they won’t be fighting over simple issues after the parents’ death. What is more fruitful than siblings’ saving the honor and name of family by avoiding any arguments?

The Compulsion of Consent & Possible Exceptions

The most frequently asked question by the life insurance buyers is: can they purchase it in the name of someone else or parents?

Well, the answer to this question is “No.”

No insurance company allows purchasing the policy without the person’s consent. Collecting money on someone’s behalf when you are not a legal beneficiary is illegal.

If you are thinking of any possible exceptions in this scenario. There is none as the companies have a whole department dedicated to ensuring that policy payment is only given to the beneficiary.

Somehow, if you manage to get your hands on the approved application, you will still have to worry about consent. Companies will keep you intact with their procedures until they are sure of you as their legal beneficiary.

So, your forgery won’t take you anywhere, and getting the insurance money is not a piece of cake especially without the consent.

How to Get Life Insurance on Parents?

Life throws curveballs, and we cannot miss the catch anytime. So, life insurance is for the unfortunate turn of the events. You may think that with your financial condition, you can avoid having one, but life is surprising for everyone.

However, getting life insurance on parents is not rocket science. It has some simple steps, and you will be at the right place choosing the right policy for them. If you are wondering about what steps you need to take to purchase the life insurance – follow the steps provided below:

  1. Estimate the coverage you may need.
  2. List down affordable and reliable insurance companies.
  3. Do comparison research.
  4. Apply for the insurance.
  5. Get consent from your parents.
  6. Follow the instructions and complete the process of the

Keep in mind that the consent of parents is necessary. There is no way to claim the payment later when there is no consent. It is highly recommended to avoid such issues.

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What are the Things You Need to Qualify for It?

It is important to know about the vital necessities you may need for the approval of the application. Every company has different criteria.

Also, life insurance has 5 common types including term life, whole life, universal life, and accidental life. The type of insurance may also vary according to the company’s policy. But one should have complete information about it and choose a suitable plan for you.

Types and conditions may vary by company to company, but few requirements are always common and you will need to fulfill them to complete the process without any hassle.

Things you will need while purchasing life insurance for them are following – understand the need and follow the process accordingly.

Medical Exams

For completing the process without any hassles, you will need a proper medical exam of the insured. They are provided to the company so; they can evaluate the strength of your application.

Of course, they cannot bear any loss if the person dies without paying. People with the chances of sudden death are less likely to be given any life insurance. However, parents can have some exceptions, but still, the medical exam is a compulsion.

Consent Forms

If you are trying to buy the insurance on behalf of your parents, you need a consent form. There is no way without it. Every insurance company will need to ensure that there is no forgery or any kind of fraud activity involved in it.

Therefore, make sure they sign the consent form willingly. Most likely, the company will require their presence and otherwise, you will be inquired about it thoroughly. Teams are working around the clock to ensure the process goes smoothly without any fraud.

Insurable Interest

Once you get the consent from your parents, you will need to establish an insurable interest to ensure that you will be the one covering all the financial losses in case they die.

Being a policy-holder here, you will not face any financial hardships in case of death. It also means that a person should be someone a close relative which means that you as children can be the insurable interests for your parents with their consent.

So, you can claim the benefits of the policy after their death and you will be responsible to pay off the mortgage or any other due payments on behalf of them.

You can also cover medical expenses, burial, and other expenses according to the policy terms and conditions.

Overall, companies may ask for some other requirements too and state laws can also differ. However, the common needs and necessities will remain the same as told in this article.

Choosing the Right Plan

Now the real question is to find the right policy. As stated earlier, many different types of insurance are available. It is for you to choose the right one. But before selecting the suitable insurance policy, one must know about it too. Planning is everything when it is about securing the future for yourself or your kids.

Parents, in this case, must acknowledge the financial need of their kids after their death. So, while having second thoughts about giving the consent – just keep in mind the troubles they can face after you. It can be about medical expenses or any debts, etc.

Of course, people are going to ask your kids about their payment. Secure their future by planning the right thing.

Similarly, children in this scenario are obliged to think about future expenses. They have kids and family, it is not possible to bear all the financial loses because of any unfortunate event with your parents. Being a practical individual of this century, one must be cautious about their financial needs.

Finding the Right Policy

The right way of finding a suitable policy for your parents is comparison shopping, you must find out the list of companies in your state and compare their terms and conditions.

In this way, you will always have the right to choose the best policy. Once you have to find the right policy, you will move to further steps of it.

Obstacles in the Way

No policy is as easy as it seems. Yes, you will need to get the consent and the proper criteria for qualification. For the consent from your parents, you will need their medical records.

In case, they don’t allow you access to their records – you cannot get the insurance policy. Then, they may feel shy in taking such favor from their children.

Most often, our parents take pride in serving us and benefiting their kids from their hard work. So, taking it for the kids might be a problem for them. Explain them well about it and they will agree to it.

Another obstacle in your way can be a qualification of the policy. Well, it is easy – just complete the process by providing all demanded documents and you will get the policy.

Cost Estimation

Think in advance for the cost estimation. Consider all the possibilities, and then calculate the coverage you may need.

Important Questions

Who Pays?

The company doesn’t care about it until unless the relationship is family. So, you pay or parents, it is the same.

Who Can Be a Beneficiary?

You are the primary beneficiary, but you may want to take the opinion of your parents as you are a policyholder. So, name someone else too.


In the end, it is all about the care you do for loved ones. It goes both ways for parents and children. Expenses are the harsh reality of life, ignoring them as they would never trouble you is nothing but ignorance.

So, leave your old-school concepts behind and accept the reality of you needing such facilities in your life. Help your parents to understand the need for life insurance. Sudden events of life can throw many surprises. So, prepare yourself for them before the time.

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