Life Insurance with Fibromyalgia

Life insurance is a cover that is essential to many people, especially when you have a family. When you have any illness, it becomes even more crucial for you to have life insurance. You do not want to leave your family in problems when you die.

You may wonder what your chances are when you have Fibromyalgia and have so many questions in your mind about life insurance for people with Fibromyalgia.

Although all insurance companies have different standards, you will always find something that can work for you.

In this article, you will find so much information about fibromyalgia and life insurance.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a type of chronic illness that is characterized by pain and tenderness in one’s tendons, muscles, joints, and tissues. Since the cause of the condition is unknown, it remains a high-risk condition for many insurance companies.

In America, there are more than 12 million people diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Can you get Life Insurance with Fibromyalgia?


It is yes, with many factors to discuss. You do not have to worry about getting a life insurance cover with the condition, but you have to understand that there are many factors considered by any life insurance company before providing you with the protection.

Since it is still a high-risk condition, you will find that an insurer will consider several factors including the level of the severity of the condition before determining premiums and insuring you.

Does Fibromyalgia Affect Your Premiums?


No insurance company will treat you the same as a healthy person when you have fibromyalgia.

Various factors are considered to set up premiums.

Factors Affecting Premiums on Fibromyalgia Life Insurance

It is crucial to understand that not all fibromyalgia conditions will be handled the same way by a life insurance company. Based on various factors revolving around your condition, you will have to pay differently.

If You are Hospitalized

In case you are hospitalized, it is a severe case. In such situations, it means that you have high death risks, and your insurer has to be very careful. You should expect to pay higher premiums than other people with the same condition and not hospitalized.

Additional Health Condition

In case you have any other additional health conditions, it means that your death risks will be higher. As a result, for you to get the cover, you will be required to pay higher than other people with just fibromyalgia alone.

Some of the other health conditions that may be of great concern include pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and cancer.

Questions to Expect from the Insurer

As much as it is a problematic condition that can make it difficult even explaining yourself, there are several things any insurer will be concerned about knowing. If you are not comfortable, you can find someone to help you deal with the interview.

How Severe is Your Condition?

There are severe and mild cases of fibromyalgia. It is very clear that a person with a severe condition is riskier to an insurer as compared with the one with a mild condition of fibromyalgia.

As a result, any insurer will examine you as much as possible to understand the level of your condition. If it is severe, then you should expect to pay higher premiums.

Time of Diagnosis

You may be wondering why an insurer would be concerned with the time you got diagnosed with the condition. It is a vital factor for any insurer to understand how long you have been living with the condition.

Fibromyalgia is a disturbing condition, and they would like to know how much it has been in your life and what risks are available so far.

Type of Medications You Take

Your medication for any health condition is vital. The type of medications you take for fibromyalgia is a significant determinant of how long you will live. It also helps to project how much risks there are of insuring you.

Do You Use Any Mobility Aids?

If you are using a mobility aid or you walk on your own is a major concern to an insurer. In case you are walking on your own, it means that the condition has not affected you so much. But if you are using any mobility aids, then it means it is severe.

Do You Work?

Being able to work means that you can take care of yourself. It also means that you are strong, and that is how an insurer views your condition. Someone able to work has long living chances with such a condition than someone who is not working.

Any Depression?

Did you know that depression is one of the causes of early deaths? The main reason for knowing your depression levels is to know if the condition has affected your life negatively.

Being depressed means that you have higher chances of death. You will be treated differently.

Can You Be Denied a Cover?

Yes. It is possible.

You do not have to be so sure that you will get a cover since many companies are very sensitive when it comes to people with severe health conditions. In some cases, they may do a medical exam, and your medical record may not be impressive.

However, that does not mean that it is all over. You can still get life insurance.

You can go for the following options.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

It is the best option to work with, in case you have been denied any other type of life insurance policy, or you suspect you won’t qualify.

The main benefit of the plan is that there is no medical exam. Anyone can qualify for it. However, you will have to pay higher premiums when compared to other types of policies.

The processing time for a guaranteed issue life insurance is very short as it takes just 24 hours after application.

Simplified Life Insurance

It is another option you can work with, in case you are disqualified from other types of life insurance policies. It is an option more expensive than regular types of policies, but it is cheaper than the guaranteed-issue life insurance.

For this one, there are only a few health questions. The best part is that many qualify for this category.

Benefits of Life insurance for Fibromyalgia

  • You have a chance to enjoy cash value that you can use to make your life better as you fight the condition. That is in case you have taken a whole life insurance policy.
  • You get a chance to help your beneficiary to deal with the final expenses in case you take the final expenses insurance.
  • In case you have a family, they can get benefit from death benefits, which can make their life better even after you are gone. It can be used to educate your children.

The Final Take

Fibromyalgia is a serious condition that can cause pain to both the patient and the family. Your beneficiary may spend a lot of time and money taking care of you. Taking a life insurance policy is the best way to give them a better life when you are dead.

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