How to Pass Life Insurance Urine Test?

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Life insurance companies have their own parameters for judging the health of the people they insure. There are various kinds of tests that they perform on us so as to ensure that we are going to survive for the maximum period of time and a life insurance urine test is one of them.

In one way, life insurance companies are our well-wishers. Many people do not like the idea of medical tests and thus want to skip them and opt for no medical exam policies.

However, the insurance companies have their own limitations and commitments that make few tests mandatory in some cases.


If the policyholder dies before the completion of the term, these companies end up paying large amounts of money to the nominees (survivors). Thus, they try to analyze the health condition of the buyers beforehand.

Medical examination for buying life insurance includes your wholesome health check-up. From your regular medical routines to your blood, nicotine, sugar, and urine test are a part of the medical examination for buying insurance.

While some people do not appreciate the idea of a urine test, there are certain points they need to understand.

Why is the Life Insurance Urine Test Carried Out?

life insurance urine testThese tests are mostly carried out to detect the possibility of various internal health issues and to decide the health class.

The companies deal with many types of customers every day. While some of them are fair in their dealings, there are people who try to hide their internal health problems.

They carry out such practices so that the companies may not ask them to negotiate on the original price or terms of the policy due to their health issues.

Also, sometimes there are people who are not themselves aware of any undergoing medical issue in their body as the external symptoms are not much visible.

In order to avoid any such circumstances, the companies carry out urine tests.

The Insights That a Urine Test Gives

Identifying Kidney & Liver Disease

The urine tests elaborate on what you consume and how does your body absorbs it. A number of acidic reactions and problems related to kidneys and liver can easily be found out in the reports of a urine test.

If you ever had dialysis, make sure to disclose it.

Knowing Your Medications

If you are undergoing any treatment and using prescription medications, it will be reflected easily in the urine test.

Hence, there is no chance of miscommunication in this case if the customer forgets to mention or tries to hide their prescriptions from the companies.

Drug Addiction

For drug addicts, the bad news is that the urine test very easily identifies the consumption of drugs and other abusive substances in the body.

Not only the test reveals the traces of these drugs, the amount, and intensity of these elements can also be easily traced in the human body through urine tests.

Drug addicts are advised to take their proper treatment at various medical facilities or rehab centers before trying for life insurance.

Is There Any Way to Skip the Urine Tests?

Yes, there are options provided by the life insurance companies in which you can buy a no medical exam policy. The buyer needs to pay much higher prices for such policies as the risk is higher for the insurance companies.

However, these insurance policies are faster and easier to access as there are not many inquiries and formalities involved.

You can look for details about no medical exam life insurance, in this post.

Tips to Pass Life Insurance Urine Tests

There are simple lifestyle changes that you may incur in your day-to-day lives. These changes will not only bring you success in the life insurance tests but also bring harmony to your body and its physical state.

You may need to start preparing a few months before your medical examination depending upon the extent of your health.

Do a Test Before Applying for Life Insurance

Visit your general health practitioner and discuss your health issues. It will be best to get your urine test done on personal grounds before visiting the life insurance office.

If you find any health issues, now is the time you work at them.

Brief Your Insurer About Your Medication

If you are on some prescription drugs the best way to avoid any doubt is to reveal it to the insurance companies in advance.

At the time of the urine test, the prescription drugs will be revealed in the form of medicinal drugs only.

Eat Healthy Foods

Adopt healthy eating options. Try to use maximum fiber-rich food in your diet so that all kinds of toxins get flushed out from your body.

Stick to this diet for a few weeks or months before the urine test. All the acidic and toxic content will be removed from your urinary tract and you will find positive changes in your life.

Get Involved with Physical Exercises

Include exercises in your day-to-day life. Mild workout sessions of 10-20 minutes will be good enough to ensure a healthy digestive system.

If you do not find the time and space for workouts try to include breath-in and breath-out sessions of 5 minutes in your day.

Always Consult with Your Doctor

Do not take over-the-counter medicines: A symptom like a common cold or flu is mostly diagnosed and treated at home.

People find it too tedious to visit the clinic for taking medicine for such small issues. But if you are planning to get a urine test done, just do not buy any over-the-counter medicines on your own.

The best way is to visit an experienced practitioner and take their opinion. You can also discuss your plans for the impending medical checkup.

They will give you mild suitable medicines and other home-based treatments for such common ailments.

The Bottom Line

The life insurance firms work on the prescribed set of guidelines that they need to adhere to! For our better future and financial security, we only need to cooperate with them.

Either we can adopt a healthy lifestyle or simply opt for policies that do not include any medical checkup.

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