How To Pay For Funeral Without Insurance & Money? [The Reality Is Here]

Planning for the future is a major aspect of life, whether it’s for big or small decisions.

This can involve saving up for home renovation, college tuition, retirement funds, and ultimately, one’s own funeral expenses.

Considering funeral expenses can pile up quickly, it’s important to make this investment for when you ultimately pass away.

But before making a final decision, you must consider a few things. You need to understand the procedure, compare the types of insurance and benefits you will get.

More importantly, consider how you can fund your funeral if you have no coverage for the end of your spectrum.

This article will help you understand why you need funeral insurance and how you can take care of all the expenses if you forget to cover your funeral in time.

Average Cost Of Funeral

The average cost of a funeral is very high, no matter what method you choose. However, the expense depends on whether you opt for a burial or cremation. No matter what method you choose, you need to pay a lot.

Most US citizens cannot pay for their funeral at once. Since funeral expenses are higher than the average monthly income, they usually pay in installments.

That is why many people invest in their funeral in advance to avoid debt and other problems for their families.

USA citizens have to pay around $9500 for their funeral expenses. The expense depends on the facilities you want at your funeral.

For instance, you can choose from a basic cremation to an expensive funeral. These funerals will have expensive items such as flowers, a burial, and a casket. You will not find any fixed rate for a Funeral as there are so many elements.

funeral cost increasing every year

You can divide funeral expenses into various components, such as a death certificate, a coffin, and transportation.

Other components include a cemetery plot, cremation/burial, funeral director fees, and other additional expenses such as flowers. You can add and remove various items to adjust the cost.

Therefore, many people consider funeral insurance so they can relieve the burden on their loved ones.

Furthermore, it is not okay to burden the family members when they are emotionally vulnerable to death.

Why You Should Pay For Your Funeral?

You might have a clue as to what your loved ones will go through when planning and managing all the arrangements.

They will have to pay for all the expenses, which can be a problem if they were not expecting them. Your family members will still be grieving, so you can make the process easier for them by saving up for your funeral.

They will need to arrange various things within a day or a week, such as finances, flowers, casket, and much more.

It is difficult to make these decisions when they are in grief. You can reduce this burden to relax and take a moment of peace and digest the truth.

Reasons To Pay For Your Funeral In Advance

Below you will find some reasons why you should cover your insurance instead of depending on others:

1. Avoid Increasing Funeral Expense

For the last few decades, funeral costs have been increasing drastically, making it difficult for an average American to afford them.

We do not know how much a funeral will cost in five to six years. We cannot save and wait for the time as this might cost a lot more than today.

That is why many people in the USA decide to handle their expenses in advance, saving themselves from a huge expense. You never know when you will die, but you can save for your funeral if you have insurance or pay in advance.

Furthermore, you need to choose a funeral home that you think will follow through on its commitment. They should not mess up while your family members are grieving.

Various contracts guarantee that you will only be paying a fixed amount for all the funeral services. So, when you die, your family does not have to pay anything.

You need to consider how fast the funeral prices are rising. You can pay in advance for better rates. Once you sign the contract, you can save yourself from increasing the price of your end-of-life expense.

2. Control Over Your Funding Options

You should understand that handling funeral arrangements will be new for your family. Even if they know beforehand, there won’t be enough time to concentrate on the preparations.

Arranging the payments might feel challenging, so they will depend on loans, savings, and credit cards. All these options will be a burden on them for a long time.

On the other hand, you can choose the financial options that you find best and reliable, so your family can easily survive after you are gone.

3. Sign a Contract For Services you Need

When you pay for your burial and other expenses in advance, you can choose your service provider. You can also choose all the items that you need for your funeral.

You can sign with the funeral providers in advance. Furthermore, you can analyze the payment policy yourself.

A third-party insurance company will provide you options for payment options such as monthly or quarterly depending on your convenience.

Your family will then use these funds to arrange your funeral, or you can hire a funeral service provider in advance.

4. Protect Your Loved Ones For Funeral Expenses

There are numerous reasons to plan your funeral ahead of time. The main reason to plan your funeral is to reduce your family members’ financial strain. This gives them enough time to grieve.

Many American families are unable to pay for their loved one’s funeral on short notice.

However, they take a financial burden on themselves and arrange their loved ones’ funeral with respect and love. But, you can plan your funeral on your own to protect them from the financial burden.

5. Relieve Your Family From Sudden Arrangements

When you are no longer with your family, they won’t get enough time to recover from the pain of losing you. They cannot make new decisions that they never thought of. They will get a short time to handle all the arrangements during that tough time.

On the other hand, if you are all sort out on your funeral expenses, your family can spend your last moments with you. That is why it is essential to set a funeral plan for yourself.

In many situations, family members cannot agree on details for the funeral. Sometimes closest family members may also have different views. They might conflict with each other and make things worse for each other.

When family members are grieving for their loved ones, they are unable to think straight. You can keep them ready before this harsh time. Your timely arrangement can avoid conflicts between your loved ones.

Furthermore, they might also pay a lot more than the actual expense. This is very common, as they will not get enough time to compare the options.

But as you have enough time, you can do this for them. So they do not pay an additional amount for the funeral services.

Take control of all the arrangements and make an informed decision. Choose the best options for funding your funeral expense.

There are various options, such as senior life insurance, personal funeral loans, etc. We will discuss these options below so you can make better decisions.

6. Peace Of Mind

When you decide on your funeral expense at the right time, you and your family can have peace of mind.

After you save up, you will be ready for your final expense, no matter when it arrives. Your early decision will also help you realize the mistake you made while making the decision.

Suppose you decide to get a personal loan. Later on, you understand that the final expense insurance is much better than the loan.

You can easily jump over to a new decision without any further problems. However, you need to do a bit of research about the options you have and the best one among those options.

You can enjoy your remaining life with your family when you are all set up with your last moment expenses. Furthermore, your loved ones will also have peace of mind during those hard times.

What Is Funeral Insurance?

insurance pays funeral costsThere are many funeral insurance names, such as senior life insurance, final expense insurance, or burial insurance.

This facility helps you invest your final moments to reduce the burden and grief of your family. Funeral insurance is just like your life insurance. Instead, your family will get the returns when you are gone.

How Does Life Insurance Help With Your Funeral?

There is much reason to get senior life insurance.

First, you can protect your family from stress and financial crisis as they will not pay for the funeral at the last moment. Moreover, you can pay for your funeral so you can get peace of mind before death.

You need to look for the best option available for your insurance at your age. For example, if you are 80 or over, you can obtain whole life insurance.

However, if you are over 90, burial insurance is the only option for you. Most importantly, you need to read all the terms and conditions and discuss them with your family.

This will help you choose the best options out of all. You need to calculate the expense you will require for your funeral and discuss with the insurance company for the quote and service they offer. You can contact us if you require any assistance.

What If You Have No Insurance?

However, in many situations, a person doesn’t have insurance. Likely, they never thought about having final expense insurance. No doubt, this can be challenging for your family, but you can try various other options instead.

It’s common for people to get so preoccupied in their lives that they forget to plan for their funeral and its associated costs beforehand. Suppose you had enough savings to cover funeral costs, but what if you run into an emergency?

These can prompt you to wonder if you should get insurance. Remember, no matter how late you think of having insurance, you can still have one.

However, there are various ways in which you can pay for your funeral expense without insurance. Below you will find some of the top methods and their advantages and disadvantages to make a better decision.

Additional Ways For How To Pay For Funeral Without Insurance

Here are some of the ways for your family to pay for your burial expense if they are short on funds and you have no insurance:

1. You Can Contact Funeral Director

Funeral directors also provide funeral loans. Your family will pay the funeral director every month. You can contact the funeral director that you might hire for managing funeral expenses and ask them to pay for all the expenses.

After your funeral, your family members will pay for all the services and expenses. However, you need to pay the interest rate. You need to sign a contract with the funeral director.


  • The process is less extensive.
  • No need to worry about credit history


  • Your family members have to pay for your funeral expense later on.
  • The interest rates are high.
  • Some funeral directors have complicated and complex policies.

2. Your Family Can Contact The Social Security Administration

Your family can also contact social security. This option is only valid if you collect social security.

The administration can assist your family in reducing the burden. If you qualify, social security will pay some amount to your family so they can bear the expenses. You may also consider state-regulated life insurance.

Your family has to contact the funeral director and share your social security number as soon as you die. Once they report your death, the social security company will investigate and check the eligibility of the funeral funds.


  • Your family can get additional support fromSocial Security Company.
  • Your family does not have to return the amount they receive from Social Security Company.


  • The contract binds your family
  • The amount is not actual but limited
  • It only works if you have registered for social security services

3. You Can Apply For Personal Loan

Getting a loan for funeral arrangements is an option. A funeral loan is a type of personal loan. You do not need collateral for a personal loan. The approval criteria will involve your credit history. So, if you have a bad history you will find it challenging to get one.

Your family will pay for your funeral in installments so they will not feel the burden of the loan. Before applying for a loan you need to ensure that the lender has credibility in the market.

Also, check the interest rates as some lenders offer higher but some offer lower rates.


  • The interest rates are lower than other options such as credit card and funeral director payment plans.
  • You can handle multiple expenses for your funerals with these loans.
  • The repayment terms are flexible.
  • There is no risk of personal assets and properties.


  • Your personal loan might decline if you have a bad credit history.
  • You may not want to pay an additional amount on the expenses as interest.
  • You have to borrow more than you need.

4. You Can Ask Your Family Member For The Contribution

You can also ask your family members and friends to contribute to arranging the funeral cost.

First, you need to find how much expense you will require to pay for your funeral. Now you can ask your relatives and friends for your contribution.

You can also lower your expenses if you are unable to collect the complete amount. The best way to keep track of contributions is by splitting the expense into different items.

This way, you can easily track and prioritize different elements depending on your requirements. So, if your budget is running short, you can remove less important items.

You can also ask your family and friends to take responsibility for each item so that they know what to do. This will distribute the burden, and they will know what items they need to arrange. Funeral expenses will become bearable if you split the cost.


  • You are seeking help from your family and close friends.
  • Most of the time, you do not have to return the expense to your loved ones.
  • You will feel personal satisfaction if your family members and friends are paying for your funeral expense.
  • You will feel happy about your loved ones as they are there to support you during these times.


  • The contribution may be small because many loved ones want to help but cannot due to their financial status.
  • The process is slow.
  • You are dependent on others.

5. Seek Help From Non-Profit Organizations

Numerous non-profit organizations provide funds to the family of the deceased.

So, if you do not have enough money to bear your expense, you can contact those organizations and understand their procedures. Once you are no longer available with your family, they can contact the non-profit support organization.


  • You can contact numerous non-profit organizations
  • They will support your family with all the expenses
  • Your family does not have to return the expense


  • Many organizations are scams
  • It is difficult to trust a non-profit organization as your family must pay the expenses if the organization backs down

6. Host A Fundraising Campaign

Many people use fundraising to arrange expenses for their funerals. You can also try this method. There are various platforms that offer you an opportunity to discuss your situation with people and they help you monetarily.

If you are unable to pay for your funeral expenses without insurance you can create an account on any of these websites and ask people to fund you.


  • You do not have to pay back.
  • People can fund your funeral expense until your target is completed.
  • Your family can receive the funds for your funeral and handle additional funeral payments.


  • You are dependent on others.
  • The collection takes time.
  • You might not get enough money for your fundraising.
  • Most people do not fund through these channels due to scams.

7. Use The Credit Card For Paying The Expenses

You can also use a credit card for paying for the funeral expenses. However, you need to pay high interest on the amount that you borrow for the expense. You can discuss with the funeral director about the credit card and is it the best option or not.

However, a credit card with an initial zero percent rate is the best option you can choose. With this option, your family does not have to pay the interest of the balance amount for some time but after that, they will be paying a high interest rate.


  • You and your family can get instant credit on funeral expenses and pay later on.
  • You can pay for additional funeral expenses.
  • With credit card payments, you can claim the cost back if the services are not correct.
  • There are various credit card options offering zero percent interest rates.
  • Your family will get cashback and rewards for paying the amount timely.
  • They can also get various other benefits.


  • Your family will go through a financial crisis while paying for the credited amount.
  • If your family members fail to pay the credited amount, it will affect your credit history.
  • Various credit card facilities charge you additionally for each transaction.


No matter what option you choose from the above list, you need to ensure that it provides you maximum benefits and lower risks. However, choosing any of the above methods will help you ensure your funeral plans while still alive.

Timely decisions will protect you and your family from making unaffordable decisions at the last moment. Sure, these methods provide maximum protection and peace of mind for your family.

Nonetheless, you need to compare all the options wisely before deciding which will be best for you and your family.

According to many Aussies, covering your funeral expenses can be challenging no matter what option you choose, but final expense insurance is the best of all.

If you still have enough time, you can consider covering your funeral expense. If you want a quote for your funeral insurance, you can contact us.

At the same time, we can provide information if you want to know more about paying for a funeral without insurance.

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